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Six easy steps to become a master chef at home

Cooking at home is good for the mind and wallet, and once you get into the habit it can quickly become a fun and healthy new obsession. Relax – there’s no need to become the next superstar TV chef, just aim to add new, delicious and healthy kitchen habits to your daily life. 

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Here are five simple steps to get you on your journey to becoming a home cooking champion:

  1. Dust off that old recipe book, or build a new collection

In the age of cooking TV shows like My Kitchen Rules, MasterChef or following other home or travelling chefs, there’s plenty of inspiration for improving our skills in the kitchen. Flybuys cookbook cooking

But there’s a big difference between converting what we see on TV shows into kitchen chemistry at home. An easy way to get the ball rolling is to get back to basics and work on growing your cookbook collection.

Whether it’s an old one passed down from your grandma, an un-read gift or one you bought in a fit of inspiration, now’s the time to dust them off.

If you have Flybuys, put your points to good use with a book or magazine subscription on topics that interest you most, including cooking, gardening or home life. You can find subscriptions to Better Homes and Gardens,, Australian Gourmet Traveller and many more.

  1. Watch step-by-step videos from the pros

Sometimes changes in cooking terms can confuse what you might find in a hand-me-down cookbook, especially when trying to compare imperial and metric measurements. Jenny Lam's Thai green curry with beef cooking

In this instance, you might find it easier to follow along with some of our Kleenheat Kitchen recipes for easy and delicious meals. Most of these easy recipes come with videos to guide you, plus there are options for cooking on the road.

Once you’re feeling a little more adventurous why not tuck into MasterChef’s Jenny Lam’s Thai Green Chicken Curry; scroll through this list of the best cooking classes in Perth or check @athomewithchef, where Fins Seafood and the WA Good Food Guide link up with some of WA’s most popular chefs to show you how it’s done.

For additional inspiration on getting the basics sorted tune in to ABC’s Shortcuts To Glory: Quick Tips. While video tutorials and cooking shows might get you inspired and help with learning the basics, you might also learn that you’re short on a few key appliances or kitchen staples as a result. Flybuys cooking

For an assortment of all things kitchen, be it garlic crusher, measuring cups, knife sharpeners or kitchen scales, find what you need on the Flybuys online shop. Use points and pay and you’ll save on every purchase.

  1. Get the kids involved

Things are probably going to get a bit messy if you include kids in preparing meals and snacks, but what better way to get them curious and help them learn than by having them batter the fish or fold in the flour with you?

Cooking with kids helps them become more adventurous with what they’ll eat, and chances are they’ll look forward to trying a new food they’ve made themselves.

It’ll also encourage you to seek out recipes you both love that are healthy and (maybe surprisingly) delicious.

  1. Look for local grocers or meal kit delivery services

If you’re looking to up your fresh ingredient game – avoid the major supermarkets and find a grocer near you.

You’re likely to enjoy fruit and vegetables that are bigger, fresher, and locally-sourced. If you want to stay home, a quick search online will reveal plenty of suppliers who’ll deliver the ingredients you need to your doorstep. Flybuys food box cooking

Alternatively, why not try a meal kit delivery service? Companies like My Foodie Box and Dinner Twist are a great way to up your cooking skills with delicious end results. Looking for more suggestions? Check our tips on improving meal time flow.

  1. Cook big and save it for later

There’s going to be days where things do get a little too crazy for extra time in the kitchen, and sometimes that can’t be helped. But rather than giving into temptation and ordering takeaway, cooking big and saving leftovers offers a simple, guilt-free solution.

Soups, curries, stews and pasta dishes are perfect for storing in the fridge for a few days – or even longer in the freezer, (they sometimes even taste better the longer you leave them!) Flybuys ribollita cooking

For some ‘cooking big’ inspiration, dive back into the Kleenheat Kitchen for a ribollita stalk, stem and leaf recipe by Perth’s own Melissa Palinkas.

Keeping fruits, vegetables, meats and meals fresh can be tricky without the right appliances, cookware and storage containers. These can be expensive items to stock up on too, so check out the Flybuys online shop for a great variety of cookware and kitchen appliances that will help your cooked and fresh foods keep for longer.

  1. Get handy on the barbecue

If you’re looking to slowly build your home-cooking skills, a good place to start is alongside the trusty barbecue. We’re lucky to spend a lot of time outdoors in backyards, in parks or at the beach barbecuing – so start simple on the grill and build your confidence as you go. Flybuys barbecue cooking

WA has a heap of quality fresh produce perfect for cooking outdoors, including vegetables and fruits, local meats and fish – the list goes on. And ensuring you’ve got all the right gear for a barbecue means you’ll always make barbecuing a breeze.

Make sure you have your barbecue cleaned and well maintained, or if you’re considering purchasing a barbecue, make sure you read up on the burning questions to ask yourself before the big decision.

You can also visit the Flybuys online shop to save on dedicated barbecue cooking and cleaning appliances – happy cooking!

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