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Five ways to make more of home and family time with Flybuys

If you need a few more ways to entertain your household, your Flybuys points can not only help, but save you money at the same time!

Did you know, for every dollar of your Kleenheat gas bill, you receive one Flybuys point?

Start taking advantage of this bonus, by logging into your My Account and linking your Flybuys membership with your Kleenheat account.

Over time you will increase your points which can then be used to purchase items from

The Flybuys online shop offers a selection of rewards that you can choose from, either by redeeming points, or by using points and pay. Keep an eye on their Flybuys members exclusive weekly offers and specials for great opportunities to save! money off shop - gift cards

You can also donate points to a variety of charity partners including the Cancer Council Australia, Australian Red Cross, SecondBite, Guide Dogs Australia and redkite.

Or, you might like to purchase a gift card for yourself or someone else to use now or at another time. Choose from Coles, Target, Kmart, BCF and more.

In need of something now to add a little excitement to your day or to help keep your household busy? Browse the Flybuys online shop and see whats’ on offer.

1. House & home homewares

It’s a great time to be ‘spring’ cleaning, renovating or decluttering spaces to revive them or to start new hobbies from home and with your family.

Or you might just want to finally refresh a few items in the house and now you have time to browse and find what you’re after, and save with Flybuys!

Check out their kitchen, dining and BBQ and outdoor appliances range, as well as everything homewares you might need for your bedroom, bathroom and living spaces.

It’s also a great time to get out into the garden and prep the veggie patch, prune fruit trees, and enjoy some backyard fresh air. The Flybuys shops has a variety of gardening equipment and tools available for your needs.

There’s also a great choice of toys and entertainment for kids and babies, for when the sun isn’t out or for inside playtime.

Browse home and garden

2. Accessories home care and personal care

If you were hoping to buy new accessories and care products or if you need to buy gifts for family or friends, you don’t have to leave your house.

The Flybuys online shop displays bags and wallets, hair and grooming products, eyewear and jewellery and watches.

Browse fashion and accessories

3. Technology technology for home

There’s a fantastic arrangement of technological convenience and fun available.

Choose from cameras, phones and GPS units, computing and wireless devices, audio products, including headphones and portable speakers.

Or browse their home entertainment section for media players and TV’s.

Browse technology

4. Lifestyle food, cooking and fun at home

Being home doesn’t mean you can’t have fun.

The Flybuys shop has beverage packs available for order, books and magazines subscriptions, camping, outdoor, exercise and fitness equipment, pampering products.

For when we can emerge and start embracing dining out again, there are also dining gift cards and experiential vouchers.

Browse health and lifestyle

5. Attractions & experiences attractions and experiences

Maybe hold on to those points for now. Save them up and use them when you really need them, for your next trip away.

Purchase luggage, movie streaming services, hotel and travel packages, frequent flyers points, and entry to attractions and experiences.

Browse travel and fun

We’re making it easy to collect even more Flybuys points

Did you know Kleenheat natural gas customers can collect 1 point per $1 spent with Kleenheat?

Simply head to My Account and link your Flybuys membership number to start collecting points for these rewards and more!