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What ongoing value does Kleenheat offer Flybuys members?

Why Flybuys?

Kleenheat’s on a mission to provide reliable service and real ongoing value to those who choose local, but we’re big on rewards too.

That’s why we’re proud to partner with Flybuys – Australia’s most popular loyalty program – to deliver real ongoing value to WA households using natural gas.

Choosing Kleenheat for natural gas and linking your Flybuys membership to your account means you’ll earn Flybuys points every time you pay your gas bill.

What do our natural gas customers receive?

Once you’ve linked your Kleenheat natural gas account with your Flybuys membership, you will receive one Flybuys point for every dollar spent on natural gas.

With your growing Flybuys points you can purchase a range of products and experiences for less, across a fantastic range of homewares, tech gadgets, travel experiences, vouchers and more!

How do I link my Flybuys with my Kleenheat account?

If you already have a Flybuys membership, linking your membership to your Kleenheat natural gas account is easy to do in just five steps:

  • Log in to My Account
  • Click ‘My Details’
  • Select ‘Rewards’
  • Enter your Flybuys membership number
  • Click ‘Save details’

That’s it, you’re all done and will automatically earn one Flybuys point for every dollar spent on your natural gas.

I’m not a Flybuys member, how do I join?

Join over eight million Australians already collecting Flybuys points on things they’re already doing – like paying their natural gas bills – and look forward to real ongoing value with Kleenheat.

How are my Flybuys points awarded and how do I keep track of how many I have?

Current Kleenheat customers

We update Flybuys once a month on points earned by Kleenheat customers paying their natural gas bill. This tends to be towards the end of the month.

Earned points are usually awarded in the same month you pay your natural gas bill, or the following month if your payment is received after we’ve provided points details to Flybuys.

New Kleenheat customers

Customers signing up with Kleenheat and selecting the Monthly Energiser Plan may be eligible to receive bonus Flybuys points. Please note these Flybuys bonus points are awarded after 90 days from sign-up.

Keeping track of all those points

Your total Flybuys points, collected from Kleenheat and elsewhere, will be displayed in total on your Flybuys statement.

If you believe Flybuys points earned through your Kleenheat account may be missing from your Flybuys statement, contact our local Customer Service Team 13 21 80 or get in touch with Flybuys on 13 11 16.

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