Specialty gas on a global scale

Natural refrigerant solutions for commercial and industrial

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Kleenheat is proud to be Australia’s industry leader in the large scale production and supply of specialty gasses for the domestic and international market.

Operating from our own Kleenheat Production Facility, we specialise in the wholesale production of high purity natural refrigerants.

Our products

Refrigerant grade propane (R290)

Kleenheat is the only producer of refrigerant propane in Western Australia, with capability to produce and deliver bulk high-grade unodourised propane for use in industrial refrigerant systems.

Propane is sourced from the Dampier to Bunbury natural gas pipeline, resulting in fewer contaminants and the higher purity. Delivery is available via marine vessel, ISO container or road tankers.

 Other specialty gases

  • Liquefied Natural Gas
  • Cryogenic Methane
  • Compressed Ethane
  • Ethane (R170)
  • Butane (R600)
  • Methane (R50)
  • Various hydrocarbon and refrigeration blends

Our plant

Our Kleenheat Production Facility is located in Kwinana, 20 kilometres south of Perth, primarily focused on LPG extraction and LNG production with flexibility to produce, package and supply large scale specialty gases.  

As a vertically integrated business, Kleenheat is uniquely positioned to respond to our customers’ changing needs for specialty gas supply.

The site has capacity to produce up to 150 tonnes of propane per day, with storage capacity of 39,000 tonnes.

Kleenheat has more than 10 years’ experience supplying refrigerant grade propane to LNG facilities across Western Australia and the Northern Territory, including Chevron’s Gorgon project.

Export capability

Kleenheat has the flexibility to adapt delivery methods based on needs of customers at home and abroad. 

Domestically we deliver via road freight, while international customers are serviced using LPG tankers or ISO vessels via marine transport.

For more details on how Kleenheat can support your specialty gas needs, please make an enquiry.