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Easy household solutions for a clean and healthy barbecue

Keep your barbecue in tip-top shape by cleaning before and after use. There are all sorts of barbecue cleaning products and appliances you can use however the simple and environmentally friendly home methods work just as well.

We spend a lot of time enjoying a barbecue in our backyards and at beaches and parks. Keep your barbecue in tip-top shape with a few, simple eco-friendly options.

With just a mixture of steam, a no scratch scrubber or brush and soap and water, you can easily remove cooked-on food debris in no time at all.

Remember, if you’re detaching your gas cylinder from your barbecue as part of a cleaning routine or connecting the cylinder to the barbecue prior to cooking, make sure you complete a safety check.

cleaning a bbq

Season before and after sizzling

Don’t forget to prepare your barbecue for cooking with a little pre-sizzle seasoning.

Start by adding a good dash of vegetable oil to the grill, turn up the heat and close the lid. Let the oil heat up before scraping or wiping away any dust, grit and blackened crumbs from the last cook-up.

Carefully wipe away any extra grime with a damp cloth or newspaper.

To finish off the ‘seasoning’, add another dash of vegetable oil to the hot plate. Now your barbecue is primed for grilling a feast of fresh produce.

Lemons, onions, baking soda and vinegar

While barbecue wipes are a great item to have on hand for a quick clean of the barbecue, you can also use a steaming method and a freshly cut onion or lemon. lemon cleaner barbecue

Start with a heat safe dish full of hot water, place it on the barbecue and close the lid. After the barbecue has steamed for 10 minutes or so, simply rub away at any food and oils and scrape off any excess with a half onion or lemon.

Soaking appliances in baking soda and then lighting scrubbing away rust or cooked on food also works well, as does a 50-50 mix of vinegar and water.

Spray on the vinegar water over greasy areas let it sit and then wipe or lightly scrub away.

Also ensure it’s safe to use on your barbecue as some cleaning agents, like bleach or general household cleaners, might damage your barbecue over time.

Beneath the grill

Lots of barbecues have a grilling section with a grate and a hot plate as well. BBQ grill

After you’ve barbecued, turn off the gas and clean the grill and plate while it’s still hot. Wait for it to cool down, and then start dismantling, so you can get into the catchment area.

Give the interiors a good scrub and wipe down and empty any oil trays. Components of your barbecue may also be dishwasher safe, so save yourself some time and load the dishwasher up.

What to do with excess oil?

All barbecues have an excess oil or juices drain or catchment tray. Don’t pour the used oil and juices down the drain as it can clog piping.

Instead, pour oil into a container and wait for it to solidify, at room temperature or in the fridge, before binning it.barbecue oil waste

Another option is to line the catchment tray with alfoil and add fresh cat litter or sand.

Let the oil absorb, then wrap up the alfoil and bin the waste. This is also a handy method to avoid oil stains on your patio and limits the risk of spilling hot oil.

If you don’t have a catchment tray, you can also place an alfoil baking tin where the excess drain flows and reuse it several times.

Cooking with oil in the kitchen? Save the oil and reuse it later, such as for deep frying food.

Just keep in mind if the oil gets too dark, is too strongly flavoured after cooking your dish or becomes rancid from using multiple times, you can solidify and dispose of it the same way as excess  barbecue oils and waste.

Considering a new barbecue? weber bbq

Has your barbecue seen better days? If scrubbing away with home-made remedies or cleaning agents are no longer doing the job, or if a few parts of your barbecue aren’t operating correctly or safely, perhaps it’s time to invest in a new barbecue?

There’s a few things to consider if you’re upgrading or investing for the first time in a barbecue.

You might even want to try something new, like smoking meats and vegetables, or consider stocking up on additional appliances to help you on the grill.

Kwik-Gas, your barbecue’s best buddy

Kleenheat Kwik-Gas cylinders are the convenient, safe and reliable option for your barbecue, outdoor heating and camping gas appliances.

Not sure how to connect your gas bottle? It’s safe, quick and easy! We also have a handy video for how to check how full your cylinder is so you won’t get caught out last minute with an empty cylinder.

Organise your Kwik-Gas before you go and make sure to read up on our Kwik-Gas safety tips and suggestions.

Not sure what to do with a Kwik-Gas cylinder you have on hand?

Return a Kwik-Gas cylinder to any of our Kwik-Gas resellers and swap it for a new cylinder – and just pay for the refill.

Alternatively, if you don’t need a refill, deliver the cylinder to a recycling location near you.

Choose homegrown, choose Kleenheat

Kleenheat knows the value of homegrown goodness – after all, we’ve been supporting the needs of local households and businesses for more than 60 years.

We believe there’s value in choosing local, so if you’re not a Kleenheat customer choose local today and let life flow.

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    I am a RAC member and as such I only purchase petrol from Puma service stations to take advantage of their 4c/litre discount. Puma is also the place I exchange my Kleenheat BBQ gas bottles. I think it would be a great idea to provide discounts to Kleenheat customers when they purchase or exchange their gas bottles at Puma outlets. The RAC, Puma relationship is what drives my purchase decision as I am sure it does for thousands of other West Aussies. I am sure the same would occur for Kleenheat gas bottle supplies, should they consider a similar partnership with Puma by providing customer incentives. Loyalty should always be rewarded!

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