Get your gas and go!

Kwik-Gas is Kleenheat's safe and convenient small gas cylinder exchange program. Our cylinders are perfect for barbecues, outdoor heating and gas appliances when on the move.

Kwik-gas cylinder

We are closer than ever!

We've partnered with local retailers big and small to ensure Kwik-Gas cylinders are available to swap or purchase at your convenience when you need them most.

Available at these major retailers across WA & the NT.
BP Fuel
Puma Fuel
IGA Supermarkets
United Fuel
Vibe Fuel

Convenient cylinder swaps

Simply swap your empty or damaged Kwik-Gas cylinder to one of our many retail locations for a full and refurbished cylinder.

Have another supplier brand cylinder to swap? No worries, you can exchange these for Kwik-Gas.

Kwik-Gas swaps

Quality guaranteed

Kwik-Gas cylinders are precision filled using a Quality Assured process and compliant to Australian Standards AS 2469 and AS 2470.

Kwik-Gas with tick

Safety inspected and tested

Kwik-Gas cylinders are individually safety inspected and leak tested. Each cylinder is fitted with a safety plug and tag to ensure safe transportation and storage.

Download the Kwik-Gas Safety Manual

Kwik-Gas with tick

Getting started with Kwik-Gas

Watch our step-by-step video on how-to connect Kwik-Gas cylinders to your appliance, or how-to check the gas level to ensure you don't run out mid-barbecue.

Watch out for the new & improved valve connection on Kwik-Gas cylinders

A new valve connection has been introduced across Australia for leisure cylinders like Kwik-Gas. This new valve design improves gas appliance safety and makes it easier to use and connect gas cylinders to your appliances.

Become a Kwik-Gas reseller

Opportunities are available for businesses to become Kwik-Gas resellers and introduce a new income stream leveraging Kleenheat's professional and reliable supply chain.

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