2016 is scheduled to be a big year for Kleenheat in achieving its sustainability priorities.

2016 Priorities

  1. Make the year-on-year improvements in safety performance achieved in recent years sustainable using the Safe Person, Safe Process, Safe Place philosophy;
  2. Grow the number of women in leadership roles, and the number of Indigenous employees;
  3. Develop Supplier Relationship Management frameworks and apply to major goods and services contracts;
  4. Increase the focus on sustainable supply processes overall;
  5. Continue to invest in communities in areas relevant to our operations and commercial activities;
  6. Maintain relationships with key regulators and industry associations to facilitate input into legislation guidelines and industry best practice;
  7. Support water security issues associated with climate change and implement actions identified in business Water Efficiency Management Plans;
  8. Ensure capability of senior leadership to manage governance risk by training in competition and consumer law, anti-bribery, health, safety and environment legislation and continuous disclosure; and
  9. Build positive stakeholder perception through targeted and quality stakeholder engagement, timely information, open dialogue and good corporate citizenship.