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Four ways to make the most of WA’s sunshine at home and outdoors

Now’s the perfect time to spring clean, tidy up the yard and get out and about to enjoy WA’s longer days and all that sunshine.

These simple suggestions will help get you started, plus if you’re a Flybuys member you can put your points to good use on a stack of goodies to help make the most of the sunny season.

1. Spring clean, refresh, improve or renovate your living space

Giving your home and yard a makeover can be one of the year’s most rewarding experiences. Here are some tips to keep in mind for a smooth refresh:

Take it one day (or room) at a time

To keep things manageable try moving from task to task or room to room, because it can get messy and complicated attacking all things at once. tidy table, bbq and outdoor dining set up

Remember, there’s no real rush. Work your way through your outdoor and indoor living spaces, keeping in mind some areas, like a backyard, bathroom or kitchen cabinets can take longer than you think. So factor in giving yourself extra time for those spaces.

Be ruthless

There’s nothing more therapeutic than deciding that you don’t need what you think you need.

Going through drawers and cupboards and kitchen cabinets and being ruthless with what you need, what you use and what you will continue to use, is as refreshing as a change in the weather.

Just remember that your pre-loved clothing, that you really hoped you’d wear again one day, can have another life if they are still in good condition, so consider donating them to second-hand stores if they are still user-friendly.

The same goes for any household furniture or appliances that haven’t seen the light of day for far too long – box them up and hand them over to your nearest op-shop.

For bulkier household items or those unfit for a new home, check with your local council on verge collection dates (for white goods, green waste and chemicals as well), and follow the annual calendar to help you plan ahead and be organised for when the truck swings by.

Remember, safety’s a big deal

Tidying up the home and yard can often involve muscle power and power tools, so make sure you work within your means and take the necessary steps to manage safety for you, your family and your property.

Getting physical? Slap on the appropriate personal protective equipment and operate all your tools in line with the manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations.

With more sunshine also comes extra outdoor meals, so don’t forget to give the barbecue a once-over to make sure it’s in firing form – check your cylinder has plenty of gas – and all your pipes are connected safely.

Don’t be afraid to call in the professionals

Looking after house and home is important – but you should never compromise your health and well-being by attempting tasks that are beyond your skills or expertise.

Yes, we know you’re an ace with spray and wipe, but cleaning the gutters washing those second-storey windows might be jobs for the experts.

Once your home’s looking spick and span, head to the Flybuys store for outdoor living and dining options to freshen up for summer.

2. Prepare for the day trips, weekenders and road trips

As the longer days and warmer weather sets in, we start to head out to the beach, onto the river, into our national parks and venture out to see more of WA.

While some of us can rough it, some of us enjoy a home away from home, when we hit the road for a getaway. If you’re a first-time camper, inspired to see more of WA and ‘rough it’, our friends at RAC have whipped up some good advice with their suggested camping essentials

If you aren’t into camping but enjoy a long Sunday drive or want to keep the volume of your children and backseat drivers, down to a dull roar; then you might like to invest in some fun and handy tech equipment.

Whether it’s the luggage, a lie-low blow-up floaty, safety equipment, pamper packs, books, sporting gear or your favourite beverages or toys for the kids, you’ll be surprised at what you can find in the Flybuys store.

3. Homegrown goodness for the beginners and green thumbs

Check out our Perth region seasonal planting guide for a handy go-to on what to plant and when. Start planting seasonal vegetables and herbs now like asparagus, peas and beans, beetroot, broccoli, cabbage, chilli, various herbs, kale, lettuce, potatoes and tomatoes.

If you need advice on how to set up a thriving and bountiful garden at home, check out Steve Wood’s five steps to gardening success.

We’ve spoken with locals who know about WA’s climate, growing conditions and the best produce that’s available to us locally. See what Steve Wood and Deryn Thorpe (from All The Dirt) and local chefs have to say and while you’re at it enjoy browsing our Kleenheat Kitchen recipes.

Keen to start a vegetable garden? Start with these four nutritious and multi-use optionsSteve mixing three key soil improvement ingredients. homegrown gardening goodness steve wood deryn thorpe

If you’re short on gardening tools and equipment, whether it’s a compost bin, handy backyard appliances or a heap of DIY gear, head to the Flybuys store, to turn points into things you need.

4. Keeping the kids and your crew entertained

Kids can entertain themselves with the most basic of activities and equipment, but we tend to indulge them, especially if it’s school holidays or when we are chasing some peace and quiet.

While there’s a range of simple steps you can take to beat cabin fever at home, WA’s great weather also offers plenty of opportunities to get out and about and help the kids blow off some steam.

Adventure playgrounds make for a great day trip, and more new and exciting locations keep popping up across Perth to keep the kids entertained.

Check out a few of our favourite adventure playgrounds:

With a large volcano feature in the centre, this park is a lot of fun with a water fountain, a sandpit, flying fox and a variety of playground equipment.

A small park offering a variety of play equipment, with a cubby house, climbing rope bridge, ladders and climbing hammock and a large grass space.

An ideal choice for exhausting the kids in a safe and beautifully built-up outdoor setting. The kids will love rocks and ropes, crawling through tunnels and wading through creeks. This park is all about teaching kids to enjoy and learn about WA’s natural environment.

There’s been plenty of new development in Scarborough, not least this seaside winner that’s perfect for kids of all ages and abilities. With plenty of shaded seating, sprawling grassed areas nearby and free barbecue access – a lunch visit might turn into a dinnertime play.

The first environmental playground of its kind in Australia. you can relax here with a picnic while watching over your kids as they spend hours climbing over giant ‘dinosaurs’, through a wooden pirate ship and around the ponds and grassed areas.

This pirate-themed fun factory boasts some of Perth’s most breathtaking views across the Swan River, with its sprawling adventure playground offering heaps of fun for the young and the young at heart. Seating, shade and barbecues mean three big ticks for a day of family fun.

Check out these other fantastic nature play parks around WA, then browse the Flybuys store for picnic or playtime items to add extra fun to your next family outing.

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