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We know cheaper is better, so we deliver the same natural gas for less. Once you’ve signed up, which only takes a few minutes, we’ll look after the rest. You won’t even need to contact your current retailer.

Hazel and Ahmed from Maida Vale

We’ve had no disruptions whatsoever.

Hazel and Ahmed from Maida Vale

What is natural gas?

Natural gas is a cleaner-burning fuel that offers a good combination of abundance, cleanness, affordability, reliability and flexibility. It is an energy source often used for many applications including residential heating, cooking and hot water in your home.

Is natural gas available in my area?

Kleenheat is able to supply homes connected to the gas distribution network between Geraldton and Busselton, including the Perth metropolitan area.

If you’re currently a natural gas customer in this area, Kleenheat will use the same pipes and gas meters that are currently supplying your property.

If you are unsure if your home is connected to natural gas us, call us on 13 21 80 and find out for you.

*10% off natural gas usage of standard tariff when selecting Monthly Smart Saver Plan. For T&Cs and fees, see plans and pricing.