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Tomato + purslane salad – perfect pairs with Guy Jeffreys | Kleenheat Kitchen

Guy Jeffreys, Executive Chef of the Fogarty Wine Group has plenty of tricks up his sleeve from years of experience in the gardening and dining scene. 

Guy Jeffreys, Executive Chef of the Fogarty Wine Group

Guy Jeffreys, Executive Chef of the Fogarty Wine Group

According to his Instagram account, he is currently growing and cooking vegetables in Jarrahdale and slinging seafood at Bunker Bay. While that sound rather ideal, he found time to share a simple but tasty and fresh salad recipe with us, with a surprising ingredient, purslane.

Sure, purslane is a weed – but it’s also great to eat and contains more omega-3 fatty acids than any other leafy vegetable. Eat young leaves raw as salad greens and cook older leaves the same way you would spinach or silverbeet.

This tomato purslane salad recipe keeps things super-simple and lets the deliciousness of fresh, firm tomatoes shine through!

Tomato and purslane salad

Ingredients and preparation
  • 1 kg mixed tomatoes (try Big Beryl, Green Zebra and cherry tomatoes)

    Purslane, a weed that's edible, tasty and nutritious

    Purslane, a weed that’s edible, tasty and nutritious

  • Handful purslane leaves
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Sea salt and pepper
  • Wash tomatoes and purslane well and pat dry
  • Cut the tomatoes into thick, random slices – leave cherry tomatoes whole
  • Assemble on plate, then scatter purslane
  • Drizzle with olive oil and season well with salt and pepper
To plate
Fresh tomatoes from the vine

Fresh tomatoes from the vine

Keen to know more about Guy Jeffreys?

Learn a little more about Guy Jeffreys and enjoy learning about pumpkin flowers and leaves, carrots (stems and all) and more about tomato and purslane! Keep in mind, Guy has since moved on from his role at Millbrook Winery as Head Chef, but he’s still involved as he is now Executive Chef of the Fogarty Wine Group, who own Millbrook Winery.

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