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Five ways to give your backyard a spring make-over

Here in WA, we’re spoilt for choice when it comes to places to explore during spring. It’s the perfect time of the year to shake off those winter blues and get out in the great outdoors. 

You don’t always have to venture far though to enjoy a bit of sunshine and fresh air. Sometimes your own backyard is the perfect place to kick back and enjoy spring with family and friends.

Before you organise the next get-together, take some time to give your backyard a spring makeover with these simple tips.

Build a veggie patch

There’re lots of ways to add some greenery and colour to your backyard.

A veggie patch will not only look great as a feature piece in your backyard, it’s also a great way to get some homegrown veggies into your meals.

There’s nothing better than enjoying the fruits of your labour.

Pressure hose your deck

You’ll be surprised at how much dirt the wind and rain washes up onto your deck during winter.

An inexpensive and efficient way to get your deck looking slick again is to get a pressure hose to get rid of all that dirt.

It’s amazing how a little wash can get your deck looking brand new again.

Update your furnishings

You don’t have to throw out all your furniture to give your backyard a new look. 

A simple update to the soft furnishings will give your outdoor area a fresh look without having to spend big.

Change up cushions, or get new pots for your plants and flowers. Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a big difference!

Add a fun feature for the kids 

Get your kids excited about running around in the backyard by adding a fun feature for them.

If you have a big tree in your backyard then a swing is a great way to while away the hours, or build a playhouse for your kids and their friends.

If you’re looking for something quick, then just get some chalk out and draw a hopscotch grid on the path – a simple and inexpensive way to keep your kids entertained for a few hours.

Change up your lights 

Brighten up your backyard by getting new LED light bulbs – they’re energy efficient so you can stay out for a little longer when the sun goes down without adding to your electricity bills.

If you’re going for a whimsical look, get some solar-powered fairy lights – it’ll make your backyard look like it came straight out of Pinterest.