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Local Matters | Our team on the road: Peter Handgraaf – LPG Commercial Accounts Manager

There’s a lot to love about Western Australia – not least the amazing weather, relaxed lifestyle, and sense of community.

As the local name in LPG, Kleenheat is catching up with our teams in Perth, regional WA, and across the Northern Territory to share their story and learn more about why they love being local.

Our team in your neighbourhood

Peter Handgraaf, is just one of many members of the Kleenheat team dedicated to providing the best possible service for the community in which he lives and works. Read more on why he thinks ‘local matters’.

Peter Handgraaf Kleenheat LPG Team

Our team on the road

Peter has been with Kleenheat for nine years and is currently responsible for looking after the gas needs of businesses in the North West of WA.

From Carnarvon to Kununurra, Kleenheat manages customers varying from agents to resorts, breweries to service stations to mine camps and bakeries. This means managing the energy needs required for a variety of customers from sole traders to large international organisations.

Peter considers his relationships with customers and colleagues to be of great satisfaction to his role. However, he also appreciates that within the role, one of the perks includes covering off a massive region of WA that is filled with unique and natural beauty.

“Fortunately for me, some of the travel means road trips through and between some of the most scenic areas in the world. From the Ningaloo Reef to Karijini National Park in the Pilbara to Lake Argyle and Broome in the Kimberley.”, he said.

At home in regional WA Peter Handgraaf Kleenheat LPG Team

Originally from Busselton, Peter began his career with Kleenheat while based in the South West. After looking after the energy needs of businesses within the South West for his first five years with Kleenheat, Peter headed north into the Pilbara, to set up life with his family in Karratha.

Despite living in two very different locations, the communities within the Pilbara and South West offer a welcoming attitude that Peter and his family enjoy coming home to.

“While it’s a lot warmer in the Pilbara, we enjoy the work-life balance and outdoors and activeness that living in regional WA allows. Everyone’s keen on camping, fishing, and enjoying the great outdoors!”, he said.

Over the four years Peter was based in the Pilbara, he was actively involved within the community, assisting with and participating in sporting activities, community initiatives, and representing Kleenheat at local events.

Peter Handgraaf Kleenheat LPG Team

How do our regional teams spend their time, when not on the clock?

Peter loves spending his time exploring and on adventures with his wife and two little girls, aged eight and six.

While in the Pilbara, Peter became aware of a number of flexible working conditions, that enabled fathers to be as involved as possible with their children’s education and activities.

After learning about The Fathering Project, and the work they do to support dads building relationships with their children, Peter nominated the organisation for a Kleenheat Community Grant.

Since returning to Busselton, Peter has registered with the West Busselton Dads group, a part of The Fathering Project in the South West region.

Either side of the work day, Peter enjoys activities with his family including boating, camping, fishing, and getting to the beach regularly. Peter Handgraaf Kleenheat LPG Team

Apart from an active outdoor lifestyle, Peter also enjoys DIY home renovations and photography – which he admits, “…Isn’t hard to do when you’re a local in such a beautiful place like the South West.

Why is gas such a vital component of the North West region of WA? Peter Handgraaf Kleenheat LPG Team

LPG is such a versatile fuel and due to this, it is used by a large variety of industries. In the North West, some of the most common commercial uses of LPG includes accommodation, mining, and hospitality.

Due to the remoteness of the North West, surety of gas supply is paramount for these businesses, and with the constant threat of road closures due to cyclones and flooding posing a real risk – reliability is required.

Kleenheat LPG – more places, more often across the NT

Kleenheat’s proud to be the local name in LPG across the Northern Territory and Western Australia, with success built on delivering reliable service and support, developing new relationships, and strengthening existing ones.

Our LPG network delivers more places more often thanks to our dedicated team of drivers – and a reliable local dealer network – committed to offering the best possible value, reliable service, and support, with an unwavering commitment to safety.

Local Matters: Our Kleenheat people who call regional WA, home

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