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Varsity – a fun, family-friendly venue with a great menu and great vibe | Local Matters

Local Matters are real-life meet and greets depicting who our business customers are and how they use LPG or natural gas and electricity in their business.

Varsity has been a Kleenheat natural gas and electricity (NG&E) customer since 2016.

Varsity Bar – a great local hang-out for everyone.

Varsity currently has six locations around Perth; Nedlands, Waterford, Morley, Northbridge, Joondalup and Fremantle, with more on the way.

Steven Snook comes from a background in fine dining which saw him working in the UK and alongside Gordon Ramsey for over a decade, before moving to California, opening his own restaurant and earning himself a Michelin Star.

Now as the Executive Chef at Varsity, Steve takes pride in the brand, the creativity of the venues and what they dish up on their menu.

“Varsity is just this real vibe where you can just come down, relax, have fun and just enjoy yourself. Everything about the menu is about fun, it’s about creativity. The menu has something for everybody, making sure that vegetarians, vegans, coeliacs – all have a seat at the table”.

Supporting local talent and local producers.

Opening its doors in 2013, Varsity is one of Perth’s favourite sports entertainment venues, serving up American inspired pub and sports bar food.

Starting off as an “American college ‘frat-style’ bar and hangout for uni students”, the Varsity experience has since grown to become an all-round go-to venue for award-winning good food, good times, sports and entertainment. Varsity’s venues are also family-friendly and their weekly quiz nights are always a hit.

Ben Maher, the Managing Director of Varsity, is a big fan of supporting local and creating long-lasting relationships with their suppliers.

“Wherever possible we’ve always preferred to choose local – our butcher’s from Bunbury, I’ve known him for 25 years, our baker is based opposite our Morley venue, and all our salad produce comes from a farm in Wanneroo”.

Collaborations, awards and recognitions.

As big fans of ‘supporting local’, the team at Varsity have collaborated with other businesses opening in or expanding into WA including Vans when they launched in WA (2018), Feral Brewing Co (2019), and “David The Robot” (2020). In addition, Varsity was a launching partner with both UberEats (2016) and DoorDash (2020) when they launched in WA.

Varsity has won numerous awards and accolades since opening their doors, taking out the Best Training Initiative award at the 2020 AHAWA (Australian Hospitality Association of WA) Awards as well as the Best Sports Entertainment Venue in 2020, for their Joondalup venue, for the third consecutive year, which entered them into the AWAWA Hall of Fame.

Their Morley venue ranked in the top five for trading venues on UberEats in Australia in 2019, and in 2018 their Northbridge venue was recognised by UberEats for having the Highest Customer Satisfaction for a brand in Australia.

They’ve also been nominated as one of Perth’s Best Burger experiences by The West Australian’s food critic, Rob Broadfield.

Visit Varsity to watch your favourite sports on big screens, for quiz nights and arcade games and a great menu, which caters to meat-lovers, dessert lovers and gluten-free, coeliac, vegetarian and vegan preferences.

Feeling like a burger? Try this kangaroo burger recipe we whipped up with the help of Dale Tilbrook. For more kitchen inspiration and tips and tricks on using gas, check out our Kleenheat Kitchen recipes.

The local name in gas and in your kitchen.

Kleenheat continues to support the energy needs of local homes and businesses across WA and the Northern Territory.

Our Natural Gas and Electricity Team manage the energy needs for various businesses across the Perth metropolitan area.

Garrett is a Business Sales Executive within the Team and maintains a great relationship with the team at Varsity, which he credits to great customer service and a genuine interest in their success.

“We’re a local company so we can quite easily go out and see our customers and make it a more personal experience. It really comes down to just spending more time with the customer, really getting an understanding of their business and showing that you want to try to help their business succeed. I find a lot of customers really appreciate that.”

Learn a little more about our local people and the local businesses we work with.

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