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Calista Primary School’s new greenhouse and garden beds thanks to WesCEF grant.

Calista Primary School has used a 2022 Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy & Fertilisers (WesCEF) grant to help it build a greenhouse and establish garden beds around the school. The greenhouse and garden beds are used to educate the students about science, health, and a range of other subjects.  

Greenhouse and garden beds for Calista Primary School

Calista Primary School is located in Kwinana and welcomes around 500 students from Kindergarten to Year 6 through its gates every day. Anna Giumelli, Manager of Operations at Kleenheat addressed the teachers and a group of children from Year 2 and Year 6.

Calista Primary School wescef grant recipient greenhouse project

“It is great to see the huge impact we can have on kids by enabling them to learn in a wide range of settings including amongst flowers and veggies. The school found so many ways to use the gardens to bring lessons to life, and the kids were very excited to show me the contributions they had been making in building the gardens. I was very proud that WesCEF’s contribution would enable the greenhouse and gardens to continue to make a real difference to the kids. I don’t remember having this much fun when I was at school!”, she said.

Cathy de Thierry, Principal at Calista Primary School, said she’s grateful to WesCEF and Kleenheat for the funding.

“The students and staff alike have found a lot of joy from working on this project. Studies show that engaging with students outdoors, complemented by learning in the classroom, leads to life-long positive student learning outcomes. For students to understand where their food comes from; it’s beneficial for not only them but future generations too. We couldn’t do an ambitious project like this without the support of businesses like WesCEF and Kleenheat.”, she said.

WesCEF Community Grants

Kleenheat is one of Wesfarmers Chemicals, Energy, and Fertilisers (WesCEF) businesses, based and operating in WA with both residential and commercial customers across WA and the NT.

Calista Primary School wescef grant recipient greenhouse project

Each year WesCEF allocates a grant to the areas within which Kleenheat operates from an operations and production level. These grants are applicable to not-for-profit organisations that work to benefit the communities closest to our operations in Kwinana, Western Australia.

These grants aim to give back to the surrounding community where we operate to assist with the funding of projects, events, and initiatives that benefit the local environment or promote Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) education.

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