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Local Matters – Rob Fryer, LP & JA Fryer

Our Local Matters series shares stories from our LPG dealer network, starting with a trip south to Harvey for an insight into the driving force behind three generations of local service.

In a day and age where technology helps put whatever we need at our fingertips, we can sometimes get lost in a digital world that often isn’t met with the personal service we’ve known and valued.

So it’s pleasing to see that in a local WA town, filled with character, a local business isn’t afraid to go that extra mile in support of the community.

Drive less than two hours south from Perth to the shire of Harvey and you’ll discover across LP & JA Fryer, a local business which over the past 60 years has built a reputation as Harvey’s one-stop shop for rural supplies and services meeting the diverse needs of its customers.

The personal touch

As a member of Kleenheat’s LPG dealer network, LP & JA Fryer shares our focus on delivering reliable local service and positive customer experiences – engaging customers in an inherently personal way.

Chatting with third-generation operator and owner Rob Fryer we discover, at the heart of a growing town, it’s a commitment to consistent service has keeps his business on the map.

Going the extra mile is nothing new to both Rob and his father, Max – who’ve both contributed more than their fair share of after-hours service. Today, Max still works beside Rob as second in charge – bridging past and present practices (and, he’ll tell you with a smile, keeping him in check).

Rob’s focus comes from two factors: making customers happy and contributing to the community. It’s all about exceeding expectations, going above-and-beyond, and following through with actions that speak louder than words.

A rich partnership

Kleenheat’s rich history with the Fryer family spans half a century, with Rob sharing his perspective on how the partnership has played a key role in the growth of his business – serving as a vessel not only to drive sales but to also share common values and drive community engagement.

Speaking with the LP & JA Fryer team felt like speaking with a single person. We asked them what makes people want to come back to their store over others.

The answer was unified across the team – service. Stories of late night runs, early morning deliveries and tips for maneuvering around dogs or steep driveways all echoed personal experiences across more than 60 years of quality customer service.

Kleenheat LPG: more places, more often

Kleenheat delivers LPG to more places, more often across Western Australia and the Northern Territory. From Broome to Albany, Perth to Kalgoorlie and Darwin to Alice Springs, we’ve got you covered.

With the support of our local LPG dealer network, Kleenheat offers a safe and reliable product, friendly service and more than 60 years of local experience.

LP & JA Fryer
1 Gibbs Road, Harvey
(08) 9729 1477