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Five great family-friendly WA road trip destinations

Start planning your next getaway with whoever you want to get away with! These destinations are best enjoyed over a long weekend or longer, if you have the time.

WA has many unique places to see, stay and explore, and a road trip is one of the best ways to experience what this State has to offer.

We’ve been to and seen a lot of our backyard and have (at least) five favourite destinations that we recommend you should road trip to next, perhaps with the whole family or crew in tow!

1. The Turquoise Coast – north of Perth approx. 300km (3.5hrs)

Heard of it? Possibly not, however, it’s right here on our northern doorstep. The Turquoise Coast is the area north of Perth including Cervantes, Jurien Bay and Green Head along the coast, and Dandaragan and Badgingarra further inland.

You can fill a weekend, long weekend or more than a week, exploring this area, experiencing some of Western Australia’s best offerings as you go.Jurien Bay

Take a trip into this area and you can experience national parks, endless beaches, the Pinnacles, Stockyard Gully Caves, seasonal wildflowers, fresh WA Rock lobster, fishing, Australian sea lions, 4WDriving sky diving and, you can even bring your pets along for a lot of it!

The whole area is all-ages friendly and it’s easy to base yourself in one place and make day trips – whether that means stepping from your tent onto the beach or exploring the amazing Stockyard Gully Caves.

Just an hour north of Perth (90km’s), Guilderton is a fantastic place to spend a weekend or more.

Explore the Turquoise Coast

2. Wheatbelt to Wave Rock – south east of Perth approx. 330km (4 – 4.5hrs)

Most West Aussies, are familiar with a photo of Wave Rock, but haven’t actually been!

On the drive south east to Hyden, you will find a whole lot of farmland and farm stays, country pubs and happy-to-chat locals, seasonal wildflowers, wide-open landscapes and plenty of stars.

Upon arrival you will find Wave Rock, Hippo’s Yawn, the Humps and Mulka’s Cave.

You might even see something special at Lake Magic… Hyden Wave Rock

You can reach Hyden via various routes, and if you have time to meander a little you might even like to see the Tin Horse Highway, which has become an iconic roadside feature near Kulin.

Not only is the drive out to Hyden worth-while, the town also offers plenty of all-age friendly activities and attractions to keep you busy for a good couple of days.

There’s also a surprising number of granite outcrops around the Wheatbelt which offer fantastic camping locations, as you explore each…

Wander into the Wheatbelt

3. Bremer Bay – south east of Perth approx. 470km (5hrs)

Bremer Bay is one of those places that locals don’t want you to know about. While visitors are great for business, locals like to think of it as ‘hidden gem’.

There’s so much to do in Bremer Bay, we’d recommend a good week at least. It’s such a relaxing and beautiful place, particularly in summer when you can really enjoy the beach life, you might even want to stay for three weeks!

Keeping visitors busy for generations, Bremer offers stunning swimming beaches and surf breaks, scuba diving, snorkelling and whale watching (July – October). You can fish from the beach or go deep sea fishing, visit the local historical homesteads and museums, and drive and hike amongst wildflowers between September to November in the Fitzgerald River National Park. Hamelin Bay

Of course there’s a whole coastline to explore outside of Bremer Bay as well as other towns and attractions nearby, including golf courses and wineries and plenty of picnicking locations.

Chill out in Bremer Bay

4. Hamelin Bay – south west of Perth approx. 310km (3hrs)

Hamelin Bay offers a relaxing seaside getaway for anyone looking to just chill out.

Apart from relaxing here, if you do get jittery feet, you can always go for a swim or snorkel in the bay, saying hello to the friendly local stingrays who swim around the jetty every day. You can also go fishing, 4WDriving, try sand castle building and see where the Indian Ocean meets the Southern Ocean at the Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse in Augusta.

You’re also right in amongst the Margaret River region, so there’s heaps of local produce and fine wines, entertainment, dining and shopping, tours and natural attractions to keep you busy if you’d prefer to be. Hamelin Bay

Take a stroll along the Cape to Cape which passes through the bay, offering stunning coastal views and a refreshing hike to the north and south of Hamelin Bay.

Take it easy in Hamelin Bay

5. Kalbarri – north of Perth approx. 570km (6hrs)

It’s a little bit further to drive, but Kalbarri is one of the few places in WA that combine multiple experiences into one location. So once you arrive, you don’t have to leave, or drive far at all to enjoy everything on offer!

The Murchison River can be kayaked on, as it leads into the Indian Ocean or you can abseil down the gorge walls. You can fish to your hearts content, swim at the Blue Holes, surf and 4WD around Kalbarri National Park and take selfies at Nature’s Window, an iconic Kalbarri attraction.

Not far from Kalbarri, Port Gregory is where you will find Hutt Lagoon, famous for its Pink Lake and the peaceful and beautifully relaxing beachside town of Horrocks, where you can fish, swim, surf and windsurf. Kalbarri

During wildflower season (early spring) head into the farming areas and check out some of WA’s oldest towns and learn some history at places like Northampton.

The Kalbarri Skywalk is the most recent attraction in Kalbarri.

The Skywalk offers two side-by-side viewpoints within the Kalbarri National Park. From the viewing platforms, you can look out over the Murchison River and Gorge, and surrounding bushland.

Entry is for all ages and abilities. Entry to the National Park is $15 per car, which includes access to the Skywalk.

Enjoy a drive to Kalbarri

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    We have such a beautiful country and so much of it to see it would be one of the best adventure for me and my husband.

  92. September 18, 2020 at 3:41 pm
    Gloria Rodda said:

    Loved caravanning on the coast roads. The beaches and change of colour in the ocean waters in Esperance was amazing. We have the best Coast Roads.

    • Courtney
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      September 18, 2020 at 5:35 pm
      Courtney said:

      Thanks Gloria, couldn’t agree more! Enter your A to Z via the competition page via the link above and hopefully you can keep caravanning around with some extra cash to help!

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