Plan Details – Monthly Energiser

(for Customers paying the residential Price)

The terms set out in these Plan Details form part of the Contract, and may limit or vary the terms set out elsewhere in the Contract.


The 35% Discount applies to the gas usage charges only (“Discount”). The Discount will apply for at least 12 months from the Acceptance Date. The Discount does not apply to the gas supply charge or account fee. If the Discount changes or expires, we will notify you as per the Contract terms.

Kleenheat’s RAC Partnership:

If you are an RAC member, you may be eligible to receive an additional 3% off of your gas usage charges (“RAC Discount”) by adding your RAC membership number to your account. To view the plans the RAC Discount applies to, please visit If you have already added your RAC membership number to your account, the Discount will include any eligible RAC Discount.  This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional code offer.

See for full details and conditions.

Pricing and Fees:

Standard Price less the Discount to the usage charge (including the RAC Discount, where applicable).

Price or Fee Component Standard Price or Fee*
(incl GST)
Discount Discounted Price or Fee
(incl GST)
Usage charge – for the first 12 units used on average per day 17.26 cents per unit 35% 11.22 cents per unit
Usage charge – for each additional unit used on average per day 15.56 cents per unit 35% 10.11 cents per unit
Supply charge 25.00 cents per day   25.00 cents per day
Account Fee 15.76 cents per day   15.76 cents per day

*As at 1 July 2023. Prices and Fees are subject to change.

Other Fees may apply. Refer to our pricing and fee schedule for details.

View non-standard terms and conditions.

Monthly Instalments:

You must pay by direct debit in monthly instalments. Kleenheat will direct debit an instalment amount each month from your nominated bank account or credit/debit card. Instalment payments will commence from the Supply Date.

For your first billing period, Kleenheat will deduct monthly instalments calculated according to the market average for household usage adjusted for seasonal changes, or based on your past household usage if available. Once Kleenheat starts receiving Meter reads for your Supply Address, Kleenheat will adjust your monthly instalment amounts to take into account your forecast usage, adjusted for any differences between your previous instalments and your actual gas use.

Direct Debit:

You must set up a direct debit arrangement with Kleenheat. You can choose to set up the direct debit from a bank account or a credit/debit card. No credit/debit card payment Fees will be charged to you for direct debit payments. Your instalments will be direct debited on a day of the month you nominate (this can be any day between and including 1 and 28), or the next Business Day.

When the Contract ends or is terminated in accordance with the terms and conditions, Kleenheat will provide you with a final Bill for any outstanding amounts owed by you. Kleenheat will debit your nominated bank account or credit/debit card on the due date for payment, or the next Business Day

Supply Date:

Supply will commence on the date of an actual meter reading at the Supply Address, that is taken more than 5 days after the submission of the transfer request.

Contract Term:

Your Contract is not for a Fixed Term. The Contract Term continues until terminated in accordance with clause 25 of the terms and conditions, subject to the below requirement for termination by the Customer under clause 25.2.

If you wish to terminate the Contract under clause 25.2, you must give notice of termination to Kleenheat by calling us on 13 21 80. Notice of termination given by any other method will not be effective. No termination Fees apply.

Email Bills:

Kleenheat will send your Bills to your nominated email address approximately quarterly, when your Meter is read. If an email cannot be sent, a paper Bill will be mailed to you and Kleenheat may charge you for this service. By agreeing to email billing as part of the terms of this Contract, you also agree to Kleenheat sending other communications to your nominated email address.