Savings made easy

with monthly instalments

With Kleenheat, you can enjoy easy monthly instalments instead of hefty quarterly natural gas bills – including up to 35% off natural gas usage charges for 2 years* with simple direct debit payments.

Easy options, big value

  • Discounts guaranteed for 2 years*
  • Monthly instalments, not big quarterly bills
  • Easy direct debit payments & paperless billing
  • Instalments adjusted based on gas used

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which Kleenheat products come with monthly instalments?

Our Monthly Energiser and Monthly Smart Saver plans come with easy monthly instalments instead of hefty quarterly bills, helping you save up to 35% on your natural gas usage charges for 2 years*.

Throw in simple email bills and direct debit payments – plus special offers, competitions and giveaways throughout the year – and it’s the easy way to save on household energy.

How are monthly instalments calculated?

Monthly instalments reflect your home’s likely gas usage for the three months ahead. In most cases, we’ll base instalments on gas used at the same time the previous year.

If we don’t have gas usage history for your home, or if it’s a new house, we’ll base instalments on average Perth metro household usage for the upcoming period.

Once we receive your home’s quarterly gas meter readings from ATCO Gas – who maintains WA’s natural gas network – we use the information to balance your account across your next period of instalments.

All year ’round, we keep adjusting your monthly instalments based on the amount of gas used in your home. Easy!

What does “usage history” mean?

Usage history refers to the amount of gas used at a property across the previous 12 months. For most properties, we receive this information from ATCO Gas.

For homes where usage history is unavailable, such as a newly-built house, we start with the average Perth metro household usage for the upcoming period and continually adjust your account after each quarterly gas meter reading.

What if my gas usage doesn’t match the Perth metro average?

Using the Perth average means it’s possible your monthly instalments may initially be a little higher or lower than you’re used to paying. But don’t stress; we keep adjusting your account and instalments based on the amount of gas you actually use.

If at any time you think your monthly instalments might not match your household gas usage, give our Customer Service Team a call on 13 21 80 to discuss natural gas usage in your home.

How can Kleenheat offer this type of value?

We focus on delivering genuine ongoing discounts on WA’s standard natural gas tariffs, including up to 35% off natural gas usage charges for 2 years* with our Monthly Energiser plan.

We also do away with account setup fees and pass on savings from reduced network charges whenever possible – all helping our customers spend less and save more.

How do I switch to Kleenheat?

Easy. Switching to Kleenheat in just a few minutes online; we take care of everything and will even notify your current natural gas provider. Alternatively, call our local Customer Service Team on 13 21 80 to make the switch.

You could enjoy up to 35% off your natural gas usage charges for 2 years* with no changes to your gas meter or any pipework delivering natural gas into your home. It’s the same gas from same pipes, just better value.

Existing Kleenheat customers can also change their plan with a quick call to our Customer Service Team.

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