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Drasko’s Hot Chicken | Using gas for Nashville-fried chicken

Our State on a Plate focuses on quality WA produce and how it is sourced, cooked and served in local eateries around WA.

In partnership with Our State on a Plate, we hit the road to meet some of our business customers and primary producers to learn more about our homegrown goodness and how best to enjoy it.

Drasko’s fresh, crunchy-fried, and spicy chicken

Perth is only getting bigger and better with the variety of food, food styles, and influence from other cultures and trends.

Fried chicken has never gone out of fashion, but there are constantly new variations of how to cook with it, eat it, flavour it, and serve it up.

Drasko’s Hot Chicken offers a ‘Nashville-style fried chicken’ which Perth has been waiting for.

Over the past few years, we’ve seen American style BBQ meat options popping up around Perth in particular, with pulled pork, corn bread and slaw at a variety of locations.

Drasko’s is a first for Perth offering a number of spicy variations of fried chicken, including one that requires consent to eat, due to its spice levels, plus, gluten free options.

Supporting local talent and entrepreneurial spirit

We’re all keen to support local talent, especially when food is involved. Even more so, when local people have the entrepreneurial spirit to start their own business and flourish through their passion for their work.

Drasko’s fast, fried chicken, vibrant and flavoursome menu and decor and eager-to-please (both customer and tummy) attitude, bring a refreshing twist to the fast food scene in Perth.

Whether it’s in the Perth metro area or across regional WA – there’s never been a better chance to get behind the local businesses who also call WA home.

Visit Drasko’s Hot Chicken

You’ll find Drasko’s frying up a storm between Thursday to Sunday at The Mezz, 148 Scarborough Beach Road, Mount Hawthorn. Western Australia.

Visit Drasko’s Hot Chicken to learn more about Drasko and for more information on his delicious menu and opening times.

The local name in gas and in your kitchen

For more kitchen inspiration and tips and tricks on using gas, check out our Kleenheat Kitchen recipes.

Kleenheat continues to support the energy needs of local homes and businesses across WA and the Northern Territory. Learn a little more about our local people and the local businesses we work with.

Value that flows through your household and community.

Everyone enjoys value for money. We focus on providing value for our customers and our local community.

Enjoy a variety of offers and rewards that come with sponsoring the local events you love. Plus, our Community Grants program supports local groups and organisations doing great things in communities across the Northern Territory and regional Western Australia.

Choose homegrown, choose Kleenheat.

Kleenheat knows the value of homegrown goodness – after all, we’ve been supporting the needs of local households and businesses for more than 60 years.

We believe there’s value in choosing local, so if you’re not a Kleenheat customer choose local today and let life flow.

Looking for big-value energy? Let’s talk business.

Kleenheat delivers safe and reliable natural gas, LPG, and electricity to thousands of WA businesses across WA and the Northern Territory, tailoring energy solutions to suit specific needs and budgets. Find out how our business can work with your business.