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What is LPG?

What is LPG?

LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) is a propane fuel source commonly used in homes and businesses across Western Australia and the Northern Territory.  It’s produced during oil refining or extracted as part of the natural gas production process.

What are gas cylinders?

Cylinders store propane under high pressure in liquid form and transported to premises across NT and locations outside WA’s natural gas network.

For residential use, properties will typically have two 45kg gas cylinders attached to the gas line on the outside of the home. These cylinders are owned by Kleenheat, with empty vessels collected or replaced with full cylinders whenever the gas supply runs low.

While gas cylinders are connected to homes by a Kleenheat representative, gas is only drawn from one cylinder at a time. This means an empty cylinder can be replaced without disrupting gas supply.

Changing over gas cylinders

Once a cylinder runs empty, a changeover valve is used to switch the flow of gas to the other cylinder. This valve may operate manually or automatically. A manual changeover valve features a simple painted switch which can be rotated from left to right.

Manual changeover valve

An empty cylinder will stop gas supply to your home.  Once you’ve checked gas is no longer flowing to your appliances, head out to your gas cylinders and you’ll notice the changeover valve is pointing to the cylinder most recently in use.

Turn the handwheel at the top of this cylinder clockwise to the ‘off’ position, then turn the changeover valve towards other gas cylinder and turn this handwheel counter-clockwise into the ‘on’ position.

From here, your gas should be flowing again and you’re ready to order a replacement gas cylinder.

Automatic changeover valve

An automatic changeover valve will indicate which gas cylinder is empty and which is currently in use.  For most valves, a window will turn red when one of the cylinders runs empty.

No manual handling of valves or cylinders is required, as an additional valve will automatically switch from one cylinder to another as required.  Be sure to occasionally check this indicator so you can order a replacement gas cylinder when needed.

Think your gas is running out too fast?

If you suspect there might be an issue with your gas installation, or your gas is running out too fast,  there are some simple tests you can perform.

Checking for gas leaks

A soapy water test is an easy way to check if gas may be leaking from your gas cylinder.

  • Simply add some soap or dishwashing liquid to water, then slather the soapy water over the cylinder valve and changeover valve connection point.
  • If a leak is present, the soapy solution should form new bubbles.
  • Tighten the connection valve and test with soapy water again to see if leak persists.

Checking your gas levels

A hot water test can indicate how much gas remains in your cylinder.

  • Boil water in a kettle and allow to cool slightly.
  • Ensuring the cylinder is turned off, gently pour the water down the side of your gas cylinder.
  • After approximately 15 seconds, carefully feel the cylinder from the bottom up.
  • The cylinder will feel cooler below the gas level, and warmer above it. The level of gas inside the cylinder is at the point where the temperature changes.

If you’ve checked your gas cylinders and think there might still be an issue, contact Kleenheat on 1800 093 336.

How to order new gas cylinders

Online ordering

Typically, replacement Kleenheat gas cylinders will be delivered two business days from ordering.

You can order online at at any time using your existing account number, plus you’ll receive a 10% discount with every order.

Ordering online for the first time? Request a gas account number so you can order cylinders online and save.

RAC offer: $30 off 45kg gas cylinders each year*

Enter you RAC membership number when ordering 45kg gas cylinders online and look forward to a $30 discount on your next  cylinder order, redeemable once a year. See our RAC offer page for full details, including terms and conditions.

24/7 automated phone service

Kleenheat gas customers can also use our automated phone ordering system on 13 21 80.

This service is available at any time for all 45kg cylinder exchange orders – simply select “Option 3” and have your account number and credit card details handy so you can pay for your order over the phone.

Speak to our local Customer Service Team

You’re always welcome to place gas cylinders orders by calling 13 21 80 between 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday. Our Customer Service Team will confirm all the details, help you make payment and have your cylinder on its way to you.

Order in person

You can also visit your local Kleenheat location, agent or dealer to place a 45kg gas cylinder order. Find your nearest option with our handy store locator.

Where do I find my LPG account number?

If you’re looking for your LPG Account number, you can find it in the top-right corner of your Kleenheat invoice, or on any of your previous proof of delivery dockets (referred as your ‘Bill-To’ number).

Alternatively, give us a call on 13 21 80 and we’ll be happy to confirm your number.


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