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What to do if you smell gas

Natural gas and LPG have a rotten egg smell added to them so that you can detect a gas leak.

Gas is flammable and a gas leak can be dangerous. If it smells like rotten eggs or sulfur in or around your home, you should follow the below steps immediately:

Natural gas

If you’re inside:

  • Remove any ignition sources (don’t use electrical appliances, mobile phones, light switches, or smoke).
  • Leave the building quickly.
  • Call ATCO on 13 13 52 to report a suspected gas leak.

If you’re outside:


  • Remove any ignition sources (such as pilot lights, electrical appliances, matches, and mobile phones).
  • Turn off the gas at the cylinder.
  • Try to identify where the gas smell is strongest (inside or outside your property)
  • Move away from the smell of gas and call our LPG emergency line on 1800 093 336.

If you believe there is a major gas leak that may be dangerous to life or property, call 000.

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