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Your guide to ordering gas cylinders – order online to save 10%

What if I run out of cylinder gas at my home?

If you’ve completely run out of gas and need a delivery in a hurry, we’re here to help on 13 21 80, or call your local agent or dealer for assistance.

Kleenheat will replenish your supply as soon as possible, though we cannot guarantee immediate delivery. Where practical, we will offer special delivery outside of the normal delivery schedule, though an extra fee may apply.

How to order 45kg gas cylinders

Online: online ordering is the quick and easy way to make sure you never run out of gas. You’ll also enjoy a 10% discount when you replenish your 45kg gas cylinders online.

24/7 Automated Phone Service: Kleenheat’s non-dealer customers can use our automated phone ordering system on 13 21 80. It’s available for all 45kg cylinder exchange orders, 24 hours a day, seven days a week – simply select “Option 3” and have your number and credit card details handy so you can pay for your order over the phone

Speak to our Customer Service Team: You’re always welcome to place 45kg gas cylinders orders by calling 13 21 80 during regular business hours. Our Customer Service Team will confirm all the details, help you make payment and have your cylinder to you in no time.

Bulk gas supplies: customers who choose not to receive refills automatically or for those times when you believe your supply will not last until the next scheduled delivery – please call us on 13 21 80.

In person: You can also visit your local Kleenheat location, agent or dealer to place a 45kg gas cylinder order. Find your nearest option with our handy store locator.

Note: Deliveries of cylinders in most areas are made on a regular basis, either by Kleenheat or your local gas dealer. If you are unsure of the next delivery day, call Kleenheat or your local dealer.

Order online to save 10% with every order

Simply have have your account number and payment details handy, then head to our gas online ordering page and follow these simple steps:

  • Enter your account number and postcode.  You’ll find your account number on your previous delivery docket or invoice. If you can’t find it, give us a call on 13 21 80.
  • Select if your order is for home or business.
  • Select your delivery address.
  • Provide your contact details and any special instructions for our delivery driver. (For example: keeping the gate closed, dog on premises etc.)
  • Confirm your order and pay by debit/credit card.
  • Can’t recall your account number? Find out where to locate it here.

Can’t remember or find your Account number?

If you’re looking for your LPG Account number, you can find it in the top-right corner of your Kleenheat invoice, or on any of your previous proof of delivery dockets (referred as your ‘Bill-To’ number).

Alternatively, give us a call on 13 21 80 and we’ll be happy to confirm your number.


Proof of delivery docket

What if I have instructions for my Kleenheat LPG delivery driver?

Need to let us know about your dog, a tricky gate, or any other instructions for gaining access to your property?

Whatever you need, we’re happy to help. That’s why we’ve provided an option to include special instructions for your delivery driver when you place your cylinder order online.

This information will then be relayed to our drivers to ensure your delivery goes as smoothly as possible.

You can place an online order quickly and easily, but if you need a hand we’re also here to help on 13 21 80 during business hours.

When will my cylinders be delivered?

Our 45kg gas cylinder deliveries occur on a regular basis in most areas, either by Kleenheat directly or by your local dealer. If you’re unsure of the next delivery day, give us a call on 13 21 80 or contact your dealer directly.

Bulk gas deliveries are made on a specific day, based on historical records and other scheduling requirements.

Each time you place an order, we’ll lock in the delivery date so you always know when to expect us.

Please keep in mind same day or next day delivery can’t be guaranteed.

When do I order a new cylinder?

As a general rule, placing an order when your tank is around 30% full will leave sufficient time for your delivery to be scheduled.

Why do I have to order online to get a discount?

Online ordering is an easy, convenient and simple way for you to order cylinders 24/7; it’s also a very cost effective option for us. As a result, we’re able to pass on these savings to our customers who order cylinders online by offering a 10% discount.

Need help placing your order online?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help on any issues with your online order. Simply call 13 21 80 between 8:00am – 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, for assistance from our Customer Service Team.

Remember, Kleenheat gas customers save big with RAC

Simply order a Kleenheat 45kg gas cylinder for your home and enjoy $30 off your next cylinder purchase – extra value you can look forward to every year!

Enter you RAC membership number when placing your online cylinder order and your $30 discount will be available for your following cylinder exchange,  redeemable once a year. See our RAC offer page for full details, including terms and conditions.

Ready to order Kleenheat gas online? Get started now.

(Please note: this discount does not apply to Kwik-Gas cylinders.)


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