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How do I organise a new gas connection?

Residential natural gas connection

Here’s how we can help you get natural gas connected to your property.

1. Check if gas is available

Call us on 13 21 80 and we’ll let you know if natural gas can be connected to your home.

If you have an existing gas pipeline connected to your property and a mains extension isn’t required, we can help get you connected within five working days of receiving your gas connection request.

If you don’t have an existing gas pipeline, we’ll help you arrange the gas connection. The process below applies to most homes, but if you are in a unit or part of a strata development, the process may vary.

2. Let us organise a quote

If natural gas is available in your area but the mains don’t reach your home, we’ll organise a quote on your behalf from ATCO Australia– the network operator – who will extend the gas mains to your home. We should receive a response from ATCO within four weeks and when we do, we’ll share the details with you for your approval.

ATCO will usually provide up to 20 metres of gas service pipe from the property boundary to your meter box free of charge unless the property is located in a boundary connection area (such as the Perth Hills). In this case, additional charges may apply.

3. Install a meter box

Once you’ve agreed to and paid for the gas pipe connection, you’ll need to arrange for a licensed gas fitter to install a gas meter box in an approved position on your property. This must be completed before you can have your gas service pipe laid.

4. Open a Kleenheat account

As well as a meter box, you’ll need an account with your gas retailer. Call us on 13 21 80 and we’ll help you find the best Kleenheat plan for you.

5. Submit a Request for Gas form

Once your Kleenheat account has been set up, you’ll need to get a licensed gas fitter to complete our Request for Gas form. Your gas fitter can complete the Request for Gas form online or download a copy and return it to Please make sure your Kleenheat account number is included on the form.

6. Registering your gas connection request

Once we have your ‘Request for Gas’ form, we’ll lodge your gas connection request with ATCO on your behalf (within five working days).

7. The gas connection process

ATCO will lay the gas service pipe and install a gas meter into your new meter box, within 21 working days of receiving your gas connection request.

8. Notice of completion

Once the pipe is laid, your gas fitter can complete your home’s internal gas pipework and install and test your gas appliances. Within 48 hours of installation, a ‘Notice of Completion’ must be completed in full, signed by the gas fitter, and submitted via the Building and Energy eNotice portal.

You can learn more about Notice of Completion forms on ATCO’s website.   

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