Hotels and Motels

Kleenheat experts can assess the specific LPG requirements of your hotel or motel, advise on the most suitable storage facilities and their location, and tailor a usage plan to reduce your consumption and running costs. And regardless of how many uses you have for LPG, our all-in-one billing system makes it easy for you to keep track of your energy costs.

Supply options tailored to your business

Depending on the scope of your operation, we can arrange for:

  • 45kg cylinders up to 250 tonne tanks for multiple applications: hot water, commercial cooking, indoor heating, laundry drying, pool and spa heating, or anything else you require. These storage tanks provide the convenience of on-site refilling
  • 9kg Kwik-Gas cylinders for cooking or heating in alfresco or entertainment areas

Smart accommodation providers now rely on us for much more than their LPG

  • Boiler, storage or continuous flow hot water systems
  • Pole, wall and tabletop heaters for alfresco areas
  • Barbecues
  • Heaters for reception and bar areas, games rooms and guest lounges
  • Heaters for swimming pools and spas
  • Commercial cooktops, ovens and other appliances for in-house cafes / dining rooms / restaurants

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