Chicken Growers

Kleenheat experts can assess the specific LPG requirements of your chicken farm, advise on the most suitable storage facilities and their location, and tailor a usage plan to reduce your consumption and running costs. And regardless of how many uses you have for LPG, our all-in-one billing system makes it easy for you to keep track of your energy costs.

Supply options tailored to your business. And more.

Depending on the scope of your business we can arrange for the delivery and installation of:

  • 190kg up to 250 tonne storage tanks for convenient on-site refilling
  • 45kg cylinders for other uses, including hot water and heating
  • 15kg & 18kg steel and aluminium exchange cylinders if you operate forklifts

As well as supplying you with LPG, Kleenheat can assess your farm’s specific requirements and supply your operation with highly efficient radiant and air heaters as well as ventilation systems, to ensure your chickens achieve the optimum growing cycle possible.

Heating – a critical component of your business

Healthier chickens with fewer losses means increased productivity. And one of the best ways of achieving this is by using LPG to maintain the correct temperatures at all times in your poultry breeding sheds.

LPG is a clean burning fuel, so there is less impact on the air quality in and around breeding sheds too, unlike diesel powered shed heaters. The result is a cleaner, more controlled environment for raising chickens.

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