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Local larder – proven home-cooked warming winners | Kleenheat Kitchen

Local larder; when it comes to comfort food there’s no place like home, right?

When it comes to food options, WA locals are becoming increasingly spoilt for choice with restaurants new and tried and true dishing up delicious treats, and food trucks and festivals continuing to deliver global flavours to our doorstep.

But just sometimes, days in WA call for an old fashioned home-cooked delight. And there’s an abundance of fresh local produce ready and waiting to sing in your kitchen.

Turn up the heat on these classic dishes with some hearty homegrown produce.

Local larder: proven home-cooked warming winners

Nothing beats a cooked chook

When there’s a chill in the air, it’s hard to beat the classic roast chicken for an easy crowd-pleaser.

For simple and tasty, roast your chicken with some olive oil and salt, while the trick for perfect crispy skin is to carefully separate the skin from the chicken breast and fill with a mix of garlic, herbs and butter.

Keep it local: Choose free range Mt Barker Chicken.

A hearty soup

Soup season is year-round, you can enjoy refreshing cold soups in summer, but even on a warm day, soup and a fresh loaf of dipping bread goes down a treat.tomato chickpea soup

And whether it’s smoky pea and ham or a flavoursome potato and leek that takes your fancy, don’t forget the ultimate soup accessory: a hunk of bread to sop up every last delicious drop.

Keep it local: Shop your local farmers market for fresh bread and produce.

Braised beef casserole

Stew, casserole, whatever you call it,  it’s always delicious, and bonus, usually inexpensive as you’re after the meat cuts, over quality meat that you’d enjoy with a BBQ.

After all, what’s not to love about cheap cuts of beef made fall-apart tender by slow cooking. Team with garlic mashed spud to soak up the rich, thick gravy.

Keep it local: Choose Harvey Beef and pick up a bottle of red from the Margaret River or Swan Valley region.

Mac and cheese

Make this tasty little side dish into a fully-fledged star of the plate with just a few extra steps. To hack your mac, stir in blanched broccoli florets, a handful of sweet juicy peas and some flecks of slow cooked ham hock.

Keep it local: Shop WA cheese makers such as Yallingup Cheese Co, Cambray Cheese, Borrello Cheese and Halls Family Dairy.

Lamb shanks

When the temperature drops, it’s time for meltingly-tender lamb shanks served with buttery mash and something green.

Cook your shanks low and slow and when you can wait no longer, crack open the red.

Keep it local: Choose Amelia Park Lamb.

Chicken pot pie

Super easy and equally as delicious, the chicken pot pie is a family favourite for those wet and windy nights. They’re also perfect for using up leftover cooked chicken.

You’ll need a pie dish, a creamy chicken and vegetable mix, and a sheet of puff pastry to seal in all the goodness. To serve, break through the crisp, golden pastry at the table.apricot cake

Keep it local: Choose free range Mt Barker Chicken.

Fruit crumble

Pink Lady apples, apricot, nashi pears and naval oranges are just a few of the sweet and juicy fruits ideal for desserts. For a winning wintry dessert, bake them in the oven with a drizzle of honey, topped with a buttery oat crumble. Serve with a generous scoop of ice cream.

Keep it local: Shop your local farmers market for fresh fruit and honey. For WA-made ice cream, try Stampede GelatoSimmos Ice Creamery, Millers Ice CreamIl Gelato or Kuld Creamery.