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Five kitchen essentials you need in your life

Every now and then, you come across a new way of doing things that makes you think – how did I ever get by without this?

When it comes to the kitchen, many of us still stick to traditional methods passed down through the generations. While we’re all for the tried and tested, we’re also about convenience and speed.

Here are some handy appliances to help life flow in your kitchen:

Digital pressure cooker

You might be reluctant to give up precious kitchen counter space to this bulky piece of equipment but these digital pressure cookers are multi-faceted and handier than they look. Not only does it pressure cook, it can also bake and sauté! Some delicious meals you can cook in record time include risottos, stews, ribs, curries, soups and more.

Food processor

Are you still wasting time and tears chopping up an onion? Or still fumbling about with garlic cloves trying to get them finely chopped? Well, here comes the food processor to save the day. Chop, slice or puree your ingredients with the press of a button. Enjoy guacamole, salsas, and dips in a matter of minutes.

Electric mixer

Mixing cake and cookie batter might be good for your biceps but save the workout for the gym and invest in an electric mixer instead. If you’re an avid baker then you’ll want to go for a stand mixer but if you’re only an occasional, Betty Crocker type baker then a stand mixer will probably do.


Blenders used to be bulky and difficult to clean. New, more compact designs have been released in recent years that are easier and more convenient to use. Some even come with attachments that allow you to use it as a portable bottle for you to drink your smoothies or juices out of. Super handy and encourages you to be healthy too!

Smart fridge

We all know technology seems to move at lightning pace – but convenience in the kitchen is going to the next level next with a range of smart fridges with some jaw-dropping features. Yep, it’s no just longer just about keeping the milk cold – with shiny new stainless steel or matte finish refrigerators now boasting nifty built-in designs that fit seamlessly not only into the kitchen but the rest of your life too.