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Your simple household LPG cylinder check

So much of your household activity depends on having a constant, reliable flow of LPG – washing, cooking, cleaning, heating.

Sometimes we don’t give our LPG supply much thought – which is when the potential for household hiccups can occur. Keep your gas going strong with a few helpful tips.

Perfect pairs

Most households make use of two 45kg LPG tanks, but it’s important you don’t fall into the habit of relying on one cylinder when the other runs empty.

Life has a habit of getting pretty busy and when all those important things are occupying your mind, replacing your empty LPG cylinder might fall out of focus. (Worst case scenario, you don’t realise you’re running on just one cylinder until the shower goes cold!)

If your home utilises two LPG cylinders, try to form a habit of ordering a new cylinder as soon as one runs empty. It’s an easy process – just a few clicks or a phone call.

Stand straight, stand tall

Safe storage of your LPG cylinder should be a top priority – as to limit the potential threat to the safety of those around you and your property.

It’s nothing to be too worried about – our delivery team helps keep things in check with each cylinder replacement – but following simple tips are also good to remember:

  • Ensure cylinders are positioned upright on a sturdy base
  • Keep combustible materials a minimum 1.5m away from gas cylinders
  • Make sure gas cylinder can be easily turned off in an emergency

Half full or half empty?

Eternal optimists will always see their LPG cylinder as half full – but if gas levels aren’t checked regularly you won’t know when it’s time to start planning your next cylinder order.
Perform the “kettle trick” regularly by pouring hot water over you cylinder when connected and in use. Run you hand along the cylinder and the point at which warm meets cool is about the mark. Hand finishing bit close to the ground? You know what time it is.

Seasons change, so does your usage

Yep, it comes as no surprise that for many LPG households gas usage will increase over the cooler months of the year – when the hot showers might get a little longer or more dinners might be prepared in the gas oven. You’ve probably got your usage patterns down pat, but a gentle reminder never hurts.

Keep in mind purchasing new gas appliances also calls for a little more attention to your cylinder levels while you better understand how they contribute to your overall usage.

Ready to order? The web works wonders

The internet brings us so much information and entertainment, but it also saves you 10% on your cylinders when you order online.

Head to ready with your account number (found at the top of a previous invoice or delivery docket) and credit or debit card details.

In a few simple clicks, you have an expected delivery day and we’ll take care of the rest.