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Suspect a natural gas leak? Follow your nose with these safety tips

So much of WA enjoys all the benefits of natural gas in their homes, but how confident would you be about detecting a leak in or around your property?

Refresh your senses with an overview of how to pick up on a natural gas leak and the safety steps you should take.

Know your product

Natural gas one of the most popular energy sources for WA households, mainly used for cooking and heating. It’s a clean, safe product, although its flammability means it should always be treated seriously.

Natural gas is available to homes connected to the gas distribution network between Geraldton and Busselton, including the Perth metropolitan area. If your home’s already part of this network, Kleenheat can use the same pipes and meters currently servicing your property to supply better value natural gas.

Trust your nose

Natural gas is colourless, odourless and lighter than air – so it’ll rise if a gas leak occurs. To assist with detection, a distinctive odourant is added to natural gas and gives it a “rotten egg” smell.

Natural gas is supplied to your home through WA’s underground pipe network, so if you detect this kind of smell in or around your property – or even in your street – there’s a chance you’ve encountered a leak.

Stay safe, always

If you detect a natural gas leak, always avoid ignition sources immediately – not just the obvious (cigarettes or matches) and others you might not be immediately obvious (electrical appliances or light switches).

Make sure all home occupants immediately move to a safe location away from the source of the gas smell. Don’t re-enter until advised otherwise.

It might also be a good idea to turn your gas meter off by turning the gas tap to a horizontal position. Your meter is located in a metal meter box at the front of your property.

Speak to those in-the-know

As your local energy provider, Kleenheat retails natural gas across WA’s network. The physical pipe network itself is the responsibility of ATCO Gas – they build, own and maintain the pipework delivering natural gas to homes across the state.

The ATCO team is on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to respond to suspected gas leaks or other gas supply issues in or around your home. For support with leaks, faults or emergencies contact ATCO Gas on 13 13 52.