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Energy saving tips for the holiday period

We’re in the grips of silly season; a time when over-indulging comes hand in hand with over-spending. You want to fulfil our family’s festive desires, but you also don’t want to welcome the New Year with a giant credit card bill.

One way to save money is through reducing energy consumption in the home, so here are a few energy-saving tips to help you have a green Christmas:

Use LED lighting

Everyone goes wild for lights at this time of year. Whether they’re on the Christmas tree or the roof, we use far more electricity than usual during the Christmas period.

This year choose energy-saving LED globes and fibre optic fairy lights, or go traditional and replace a few lights with candles instead – even festive scented varieties for an added Christmas boost.

Barbecue smarter

Keep the hood down when grilling. It’ll not only retain juices and flavour, but stop heat escaping and help for a quick and consistent cook.  Keep it clean to avoid rust and blockages and make necessary repairs when needed.

While you’re ticking off your festive to-do list, don’t forget the barbecue. Stop by at one of our Kwik-Gas outlets for a fresh cylinder or to swap your empty one.

Use the oven wisely

For those cooking in the kitchen, a full Christmas dinner can sometimes feel like a military operation.

Where possible, prepared sauces and sides early and reduce the time needed with the oven on full blast by cooking ‘big ticket’ items at the same time.

Turn the oven off just before the estimated cooking time and the residual heat will keep things cooking.

Switch off appliances at the wall

Give your appliances a break and get into the habit of switching them off at the wall to reduce electricity consumption.

Before long it will become second nature and you’ll do it without thinking.

Use motion sensors for your lights

It’s tempting to leave the Christmas tree lights on all night when they look so pretty, but it’s a big waste of energy.

Turn off the lights in the rooms that you’re not using, or use timer/motion sensors for outdoor lights.

Ditch the drinks fridge

For those that appreciate a cool tipple on Christmas day, a second fridge can be useful especially when entertaining.

Instead of powering a whole other appliance, why not grab some ice and put an esky in the shade?

Regulate the air-con

Avoid cranking the air-con up to the maximum in your home.

Using blinds and shades will prevent the full force of the sun baking your house. The ideal temperature is between 24c and 27c.

Alternatively use a fan to cool specific areas of the home rather than the whole house.

Use an energy-efficient pool pump

As summer heats up there’s a greater need to cool off, but a typical home with a pool can use as much as 30% of the household’s energy.

Choose a minimum five-star energy-efficient pool pump at the smallest size for your pool, with a timer and the lowest recommended speed.

It also helps to skim your pool by hand when you have a spare few minutes, helping to reduce the workload for your pump.

Implementing these tips into your family lifestyle will help reduce your costs this season. But these tips are not just for Christmas, make them a habit for life and go green for the New Year.

From all of us at Kleenheat, have a happy Christmas!

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