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Five tips to nail your rental application

On the hunt for a new rental property? It’s no secret the rental market can be tough, so it’s important to give your application the very best chance to stands out from the pack.

We’ve pulled together five handy tips to help you wow the real estate agent and secure the rental property you want.

1. Call the agent

The early bird gets the worm, so call the real estate agent as soon as you see a home you’d like to make yours. It’ll show the agent you’re keen to get the conversation started.

It’s a good chance to ask all the important questions about when the home will be open, the length of the lease, or whether pets are allowed.

You’ll also have the chance to let the agent know what you like about the property and why you’d like to live there.

2. Have the right documentation

Preparation is key – there’s a lot of paperwork to be completed as part of a formal rental application, so make sure you’ve got all the appropriate documents filled out correctly. It’ll definitely streamline the process in the hope of fast-tracking your application.

Keep in mind you’re likely to need a photo ID (a passport or drivers licence will do) and payslips showing you’re employed with a regular income.

Reference letters from your employer or previous landlords are handy, along with pet references if you’re bringing a furry friend with you.

If you’re moving with housemates, make sure they’ve got all of their documents good to go as well.

It might also be worth penning a strong cover letter outlining a little bit about you and your housemates and why you want the property, making sure it includes all of your contact details.

Make copies of all your documents and group them in a folder for the agent.

3. Look smart, be punctual

You only get one chance at a first impression. When visiting the rental property, make sure you dress to impress and arrive on time (maybe even slightly early if you’re super-keen).

If other people are also checking out the property, stand out from the crowd by introducing yourself to the agent and asking a question or two to make it clear you’re interested.

4. Apply for the property

Get home and decide you want the place? Get cracking on your application! These days most rental applications are available online, which makes life easy.

The best thing about most of these forms is once you’ve filled in your details, you can apply for as many properties as you like and it’ll take half the time.

5. Follow up

We all know the squeaky wheel gets the grease, so a few days after your application it’s worth following up with a call or email to the real estate agent.woman happy about moving home

Think of it as a chance to thank them for showing you around the home and considering you as the tenant, plus it’ll leave the agent in no doubt about your interest and put you front-of-mind when they come to choose the successful applicant.

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