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Simple tips to get your home market ready

So you’ve decided it’s time to pack up and head to greener pastures. Selling a house isn’t always easy and it often pays to put in a little extra effort.

While you might think your home is the best one on the block, taking a step back and looking around more objectively will allow you to see things from a potential buyer’s perspective.

Doing this might just reveal the hidden flaws in your home that if not fixed, could cost you a pretty penny.

Here are some tips that could make the difference between on the market and off the market.

Get some street credibility

First impressions count and you want potential buyers to fall in love the moment they lay eyes on your property. That means making sure the exterior of your home looks just as good as its interior.spring savings

Simple maintenance work such as mowing the lawn, painting faded window trims and trimming the bushes can make a world of difference. Most importantly, make sure your house number is clearly visible. If potential buyers can’t find your house, they’re never going to buy it!

Make your home sparkle

When you’re getting ready for home opens, cleaning should go beyond the surface.

Some things you might want to consider doing include:

  • washing your windows;
  • cleaning out cobwebs;
  • re-caulking your bathroom;
  • bleaching grout;
  • polishing faucets;
  • dusting furniture such as ceiling fan blades and light fixtures; and
  • airing out your home to get rid of any unwanted odours.

There’s no doubt that this is a big job so consider getting the professionals in to save you some time and energy.lemon cleaner barbecue

Make minor repairs

A cracked tile here or a jammed drawer there may not affect your day to day life but when it comes to selling your house it could make or break your sale. Take the time to work on the odd jobs around the house and fix up leaky taps, holes in the walls and whatever else you may have been putting off.

Don’t forget to brighten up your home as well by replacing faint light bulbs. There’s nothing like a dark and gloomy house to put buyers off.

Neutralise the house

Buyers like to feel they have a blank slate to work with. Take the time to wander through your house and imagine what it would look like to a potential buyer.

Take down family pictures and personal knick-knacks so people can imagine their own bits and bobs fitting in the house. And if you have bright and colourful walls throughout your home, you might want to consider repainting with more neutral colours.   

That doesn’t mean remove all the colour from your home, it simply means reign it in so your house doesn’t get remembered for being “the one with the purple bathroom”.


You can bet people coming through will be looking to see how spacious the house is. Some simple ways to give the illusion of spaciousness include getting rid of furniture you don’t need, keeping kitchen counters clear and doing a clean out of your storage spaces.

Welcome better value energy into your new home

Follow these tips and you might just hear the sweet sounds of “sold” sooner than you think. And once you’ve sold, you can switch the focus towards turning your new house into a home – with easy options available to existing customers and those ready to switch.

Natural gas customers

Transfer your account to a new address in just a few easy clicks in My Account and we’ll make sure the great savings join you at your new home. Yet to switch? Sounds like it’s time for “new home, new savings”.

LPG customers

To arrange Kleenheat LPG in your new home, give our Customer Service Team a call on 13 21 80 – they’ll be happy to help.

If you’re thinking about moving or have already moved, more information on moving with Kleenheat is available at