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Moving house: DIY or professionals?

We all know the scenario. You’re all set for your new house and moving day’s growing ever-closer on the calendar, but there’s an important decision to be made: fork out for a removalist or dig your heels in an go it alone?

The approach you choose will depend on your own situation, energy levels or general confidence – but we’ve pulled together a few aspects from each side of the coin to consider in the lead up to the big day. 

DIY moving

Yep, we get it – nobody knows your home like you and you’re more than capable of taking ownership for your move and going it alone.

Keep some of these tips in mind and you’ll be better prepared for what can quickly become a task for the ages.

Plan, plan, plan
Start your cardboard box reconnaissance mission early, scouting local shops for spares or getting the word out to family and friends that you’re in need of packing boxes. Same goes for butchers paper or newspapers to lovingly wrap valuables and assorted knick-knacks.

If you’re hiring a van to transport you belongings, enquire at multiple rental companies to ensure you’re getting a good deal and ask for an early pick-up and late drop-off so you’re all set with wheels for the day.

Develop a solid list of things to do around the home, be realistic with the time it will take you to complete the move, and undertake a brutally honest de-clutter of your current home – trashing, selling or donating items you no longer use.

Know your limits
Yes, you go to the gym twice a week – but are you really physically equipped to carry that fridge down three flights of stairs? Be realistic about what you can and can’t handle throughout the moving process to ensure your DIY savings aren’t offset by six months’ of chiropractic bills.

Your safety is priority number one, so assess each task on its merits and don’t be afraid to call in paid or donated support for anything that might have you second-guessing your ability to go it alone.

Call for backup
Moving house is a heck of a job – so there’s no shame calling in the support crew if it all gets a little too much.

Family and friends can often be called upon to help make moving as smooth as possible (no doubt in the knowledge that you’ll be called upon to return the favour down the track).

Handy hint: set the standard now and put on a barbecue and a few cold drinks to enjoy together once the job’s done!

Leaving it to the pros

Let me get this straight: you’re shifting all your worldly possessions from one place to another, and you’re umming and ahing about relying on a team of professionals that does it for a living?

Sure, using a removal company might be a little heavier on the hip pocket, but just think about the weight off your shoulders (and back) knowing shifting everything that makes your house a home is in the hands of experts.

Here are a few things to consider if you’re planning to call in the big guns to help with the big move.

Less to worry about
Moving home traditionally comes with a “To Do” list as long as your arm, much of which will need to be completed after work hours or across the weekend.

Calling in a removalist means the big ticket items can are off your list, with the potential for the lion’s share of the move to be completed during the week.

Shop around
Generally speaking, removalists don’t come cheap – so take time to canvas the local market to ensure you’re getting the best deal.

Obtain quotes from at least three businesses, making sure you enquire about any additional costs or hidden fees. Where possible, try to avoid booking with an hourly rate as moving delays can be commonplace.

Accreditation & insurance
In the moving game, reputation counts for plenty – so make sure you go with a company boasting a track record for delivering the goods on time and on budget. Look for industry accreditation or browse online for reputable customer reviews for added peace of mind.

For added peace of mind, make sure your removalist is fully insured for any potential mishaps or damaged valuables during moving time.

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