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Five thought starters for managing your spending so you can let life flow

Taking some time to assess your current financial situation and looking for realistic solutions to cut costs and manage your spending, can help your household live and breathe the “less spent, more saved” mantra.

As the longer days and warmer weather sets in, we tend to ease off time in the kitchen and turn to the barbecue for quick and easy meals. To keep cool our fans and air-con replace heating and the pool pump and creepy crawly pool cleaner starts up.

So while some energy bills will go down, others will come up. So what can you do to keep on top of spending? Here’s a few thought-starters;

  1. Create (and stick to) a budget:

    Develop a simple spreadsheet to identify your non-negotiable items (mortgage, rent, power, phone etc.) and the areas for compromise (restaurant dinners, pay TV, magazine subscription etc.) to clearly identify your money priorities. Set your money goals, finalise your budget and keep it somewhere prominent in your home – refer to it regularly and stay disciplined.

  2. Settle any debts:

    Got a decent balance remaining on that loan or credit card? Delaying bills or making minimum repayments will only drive your further out of pocket in the longer term. Prioritise your repayments over other “nice to have” items in your budget – some short term pain that’ll contribute to future long-term gain.

  3. Pave the way to save:

    Once you’re back on an even keel, start to think about setting up a savings plan to support a special purchase like a new car or holiday – or purely for a rainy day. It’s OK to start small, just as long as you keep your plan realistic and avoid the temptation of “dipping in” to your savings account.

  4. Bundle away:

    If you’re paying individual bills for your mobile phone, home phone and internet – chances are you can roll all three into one account and save a few dollars. The same applies for your home and car insurance. Bundling options are often available and offer better rates, so keep an eye out for opportunities to streamline your products and services.

  5. Seek help or advice as needed:

    If you’re struggling to get on top of your finances or just looking for a steer in the right financial direction, there’s never any shame in asking for help. Turning to the professionals is a great way to gain independent advice on your current situation – inspiring action or setting your mind at ease about the path forward. A modest investment for their advice now can pay off for your spending habits in the long run. If you are experiencing financial hardship and are currently struggling with paying your Kleenheat gas bills contact us straight away and discuss the options we have to help you get you back on your feet.

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