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Top BBQ Tips from CheatMeats

Found yourself spending more time around the BBQ lately? We asked our friends at CheatMeats to give us some tips to help you elevate your BBQ game.

Watch their video on Instagram or Vimeo and read the tips below. 

1. Clean your BBQ regularly.

It’s worth taking the extra time to keep your BBQ clean. As well as making your BBQ look great, this will help you to keep the quality of your cooking consistent and avoid nasty flare-ups.

Check out Kleenheat’s top BBQ cleaning tips here.

2. Light your BBQ with the lid open.

Always keep the lid open when lighting your BBQ. This will stop unlit gas from collecting and causing a dangerous situation. You can close the lid once the burners have lit. 

3. Keep the lid closed when cooking. 

Keeping the BBQ lid closed when cooking will help you maintain a consistent circulation of heat, and ensure your food is evenly cooked. It will also help to keep smoke and moisture within the BBQ, giving your meat a better flavour.  

4. Invest in a meat thermometer.

While cooking times are a fantastic guide, a meat thermometer will give you peace of mind and ensure you get the best possible results when you cook on the BBQ. Use your thermometer to check you’ve reached the exact internal temperatures required for your perfect steak or meat of choice. Always check the temperature of your meat at the thickest part, away from any bones and fat, and clean the thermometer well after each use. 

CheatMeats recommends Weber’s Instant Read Thermometer

5. Have fun

Barbecuing should be an enjoyable experience to share with family and friends, and shouldn’t feel like a chore. Keep it fun by experimenting with new proteins or cuts of meat. If you’re looking for inspiration, you can check out CheatMeats’ recipes for Grilled Beef Tomahawk with Chimichurri and Chilli Garlic BBQ Prawns

About CheatMeats

Perth locals Leon and Cory took their love of cooking to social media, where they began sharing recipes and tips for getting the best results on a BBQ. Today CheatMeats is a social media sensation with close to 2 million followers across Instagram and TikTok.