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Kwik-Gas at home and on the road

Our Kwik-Gas bottles are convenient to use for your BBQ, caravan and portable camping needs.

Finding a Kwik-Gas retailer

Our safe and reliable gas bottles are available to purchase, refill or swap at your nearest retailer.

Simply take your empty or damaged gas bottle to an outlet to exchange it for a full gas bottle.

Kwik-Gas comes in 4kg* and 9kg* sizes and can be found at service stations, caravan parks and convenience stores.

Did you know? A new gas cylinder valve connection was introduced in Australia in 2021

kwik-gas valve change

New cylinder valve connection – LCC27 valve versus the new POL valve connection.

This gas valve, referred to as LCC27, restricts gas flow until it is connected correctly to a gas appliance, such as a BBQ or outdoor gas heater.

The new connection also stops the flow of gas in the unlikely event of a fire. The new valve connection (LCC27), will replace the existing POL valve connection.

Watch our video to quickly learn more about the new valve connection and how this affects your outdoor gas appliances.

Checking gas levels in a Kwik-Gas bottle.

Checking gas levels in your gas bottles is quick and easy, so you’ll never be caught out when hosting a BBQ!

Find out how to connect a Kwik-Gas bottle safely, check gas levels and how to handle Kwik-Gas bottles, when on the move, via this handy video in our Help Centre.

Kwik-Gas safety

Like all seasonal appliances that aren’t used on a daily basis, responsible use and ongoing maintenance checks are essential to providing a safe environment.

We have some safety tips and things to be aware of when handling gas bottles and cylinders. Check out these tips and a short general safety video to learn more.

We’ve also put together some information for if or when you are in an emergency situation, such as bush fires, cyclones or high temperatures.

Being prepared now means next time someone suggests a last minute BBQ or road-trip, you’ll have your tongs at the ready!

*Our larger 9kg Kwik-Gas bottles are filled with 8.5kg of LPG. The smaller 4kg gas bottle is filled with 3.7kg of LPG.