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Energy saving tips for the kitchen

It probably comes as no surprise that here at Kleenheat, we’re a bunch of foodies who love getting into the kitchen to experiment with new flavours.

While we have a lot of fun putting recipes together for you to enjoy, we’re equally passionate about making sure you get the best value energy and minimise costs where possible.

Here are some tips to help you save on energy while you’re cooking up a storm in the kitchen.

1. Do away with pre-heating

Contrary to popular belief, pre-heating your oven is not always a must. Unless you’re baking breads or cakes, it’s an unnecessary step that will only add dollars to your energy bill. Sure, firing up the oven later will add a few minutes to the overall cooking time but it’ll save you on the long pre-heating time at the beginning.

2. Scrub up good

We know you don’t want to risk ending up with a burnt dinner but opening the oven door to check on your meal lets out precious heat and is a waste of energy. Giving your oven door a good clean instead will allow you to peek through and check up on your food without letting heat escape.

3. Zap your food

Your microwave is a thing of great convenience but it doesn’t just save you on time. Using it to heat smaller quantities of food will also help you save on energy. So the next time you’re heating up the leftovers, allow your microwave to do the work for you.

4. Cook in bulk

So maybe you’re not a fan of getting into the kitchen every day to cook up culinary delights but you still need to eat right? Cooking in bulk is a great way for you to save on energy and time! It won’t take much more energy for you to cook up a bigger serving which could last you a few days. The best part is, the only appliance you’ll need for the rest of the week is your trusty microwave to reheat your meal.

5. Give your fridge a break

Once you’re done with all that cooking, avoid placing any hot food into the fridge. Your fridge will have to work overtime to cool the food down expanding more energy than necessary. Leave your food out on the kitchen bench to cool down instead before refrigerating it to enjoy later.

These are just some easy ways to incorporate energy efficiency into daily life. Each tip may only bring small savings but add them all up and you’ll quickly notice a difference in your energy bills.

What are some ways you save on energy in the kitchen? Leave us a comment and spread the savings!

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2 Responses to “Energy saving tips for the kitchen

  1. May 16, 2018 at 8:45 am
    Gail Eagle said:

    thank you for the brilliant energy saving tips, even at my age I did not even think about the left over tips, I always, well till now, put hot left over foods into the fridge.
    I found the tips even interesting and it gave me lots to think about and to change my old ways

  2. Kleenheat logo
    May 16, 2018 at 8:59 am
    Bhavna said:

    Glad to hear you found the tips useful Gail! I have to admit, I was guilty of placing hot food in the fridge myself. The best part about these tips for me is that they’re easy to incorporate into daily life so hopefully it won’t be too hard to change old habits :)

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