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Energy saving tips for the kitchen

We’re passionate about ensuring you get the best value energy and minimise costs when you’re cooking up a storm.

Here are some tips to help you save on energy in the kitchen:

1. Do away with pre-heating

Pre-heating your oven is not always a must. Unless you’re baking breads or cakes, it’s an unnecessary step that will only add dollars to your energy bill. Sure, firing up the oven later will add a few minutes to your overall cooking time, but it’ll save you the long pre-heating time at the beginning.

2. Scrub up good

We know you don’t want a burnt dinner but opening the oven door to check on your meal lets out precious heat and is a waste of energy. Give your oven door a good clean so you can peek through and check your food without letting heat escape.

3. Zap your food

Your microwave is a great convenience but it doesn’t just save you time. Using it to heat smaller quantities of food will also help you to save on energy. So, the next time you’re heating up leftovers, allow your microwave to do the work for you.

4. Cook in bulk

You might not be a fan of getting into the kitchen every day, but you still need to eat right? Cooking in bulk is a great way for you to save on energy and time! It won’t take much more energy for you to cook up a bigger serving which could last you a few days. The best part is the only appliance you’ll need for the rest of the week is your trusty microwave to reheat your meals.

5. Give your fridge a break

Once you’re done with all that cooking, avoid placing hot food in the fridge. Your fridge will have to work overtime to cool the food down and will expend more energy than necessary. Leave your food out on the bench to cool down before refrigerating it to enjoy later.

These are just some easy ways to incorporate energy efficiency into daily life. Each tip may only bring small savings but when you add them up, you’ll notice a difference in your energy bills.