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The founding of the Perth FRINGE WORLD Festival

There’s no denying Western Australia is home to a lot of talented people. We love supporting local and are once again supporting the FRINGE WORLD Festival as a Major Partner. Fringe World Matt Hale performer

As part of our partnership, we look forward to helping the event flow through the community with the Kleenheat Sizzle Factor, as well as giveaways and Kleenheat customer exclusive offers.

Perth’s FRINGE WORLD brings together unique performers allowing a breadth of experiences for audiences.

Typically the four-week program includes circus acts, cabaret, comedy, music, dance, theatre, film, visual art and magic.

One of our favourites acts includes Matt Hale (featured above and right), who is back again this year with a new show which will have his audience giggling with hypnotism. We caught up with Matt Hale to learn more about what sort of fun and games he brings to the FRINGE WORLD Festival each year and what the festival brings to the local community.

In the lead up to this years’ event, learn more about the FRINGE WORLD Festival and how it has grown since it was founded in Scotland over 70 years ago.

The founding of the FRINGE WORLD Festival

Each year in August, Scotland’s capital city flourishes into the Festival fever as local and international acts gather to take advantage of the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, also known as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was founded in Edinburgh in 1947 and has since become the world’s largest arts festival. A_Briefs_-_The_Second_Coming_Naomi_Reed_-15_Fringe World Festival Perth

Initially founded as an alternative to the Edinburgh International Festival, the Fringe Festival has become a key annual event in Scotland, now running concurrently with the International Festival.

The artists attending the Edinburgh International Festival are invited by the event Director and tend to include top performers from classical music, theatre, opera and dance at distinguished venues.

However, the Fringe Festival stage is open to all artists both amateur and professional and are often held at unconventional venues. The Festival encourages performances that are both familiar and alternative, but which ultimately celebrate culture and The Arts.

From Scotland to Adelaide, Australia.

Inspired by the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, in 1960, Adelaide held the first Fringe Festival in Australia; now officially known as Adelaide Fringe.

Adelaide Fringe is now the second largest Fringe Festival in the world, and is held annually, running for four weeks over February and March.

Combining performance and visual arts, the event has previously drawn in over 7,000 artists, across 1,300 events and hundreds of venues across South Australia’s capital city, including three key temporary venues; The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Gluttony and the Royal Croquet Club. Fringe Girls School WPG_Low Res_Miles Noel Photography Photography (108 of 135)_Fringe World Festival Perth

Adelaide Fringe runs either side of and concurrently with the Adelaide Festival of Arts, creating an exciting buzz around Adelaide to round out the summer with.

The Fringe Festival comes to Perth and becomes FRINGE WORLD

The Perth FRINGE WORLD Festival is a key event in the summer calendar of WA, and Perth in particular. In previous years the festival has travelled regionally as well.

Each year, the festival generates an economic impact in WA, of over $100 million, with over $10 million in box office sales and more than 2,000 seasonal jobs.

Locals truly love the event with attendance growing from 12,000 ticket sales to 23 events at six venues in 2011 to an attendance of over 820,000 for 722 events and 6,500 performances, at 150 venues in 2020.

The Perth FRINGE WORLD Festival is the third largest Festival, after the Adelaide and Edinburgh Festival.

FRINGE WORLD early days and now

The early days of Perth FRINGE WORLD festival emerged in 1983 when the Festival Fringe Society of Perth, now known as Artrage, was established.

Over the years Artrage has continued to develop FRINGE WORLD to what it has now become, while investing in unique venues including the De Parel Spiegeltent and The Edith Spiegeltent, two venues that are now synonymous with the FRINGE WORLD season.

The FRINGE WORLD Festival offers the best stage for new and ‘veteran’ local, interstate and international performers to entertain us, across four weeks in January and February.

The Festival predecessors and then overlaps with the Perth International Arts Festival which is held annually from February through to early March.

Kleenheat Sizzle Factor

If there’s one thing FRINGE WORLD’s big on, it’s variety – so it’s a good thing the Kleenheat Sizzle Factor is here as your handy guide.

Each performance comes with a rating of mild, medium, hot or very hot, take a quick look while booking your tickets, so you know what you’re in for.

Keep on track with what’s on and where, with the handy FRINGE WORLD app, which you can download now. Fringe Girls School WPG_Low Res_Miles Noel Photography Photography (71 of 135)_low_res_Fringe World Festival Perth

If you’re looking to take in some premium local talent at this year’s festival, check out these fun and fantastic homegrown acts keeping the magic of FRINGE WORLD flowing through our community.

Flowing through FRINGE WORLD 2022

This year, our Kleenheat customers and the wider community can expect to see some additional fun at FRINGE WORLD through our Kleenheat Krossing, as well as giveaways and a special offer exclusively for Kleenheat customers.

*All images apart from Adam & Selina The Magicians, courtesy of Miles Noel Photography Photography and FRINGE WORLD.

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