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The founding of the Perth FRINGE WORLD Festival.

Western Australia is home to a lot of talented people, and we love supporting local. That’s why we’re delighted to be supporting the FRINGE WORLD Festival as an Associate Partner in 2024.

Fringe World Matt Hale performer

Perth’s FRINGE WORLD brings a range of unique performers together and provides a breadth of experiences for audiences.

The four-week program includes circus acts, cabaret, comedy, music, dance, theatre, film, visual art and magic shows.

One of our favourite acts includes Matt Hale (shown above and right). Check out the video above to learn more about what he brings to the festival each year.

In the lead-up to this years’ event, learn more about the FRINGE WORLD Festival and how it has grown since it was founded in Scotland over 70 years ago.

The founding of the FRINGE WORLD Festival.

Every August, Scotland’s capital flourishes into the Festival fever as local and international acts gather for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.

The Edinburgh Festival Fringe, also known as the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, began in Edinburgh in 1947 and has since become the world’s largest arts festival. It has become an annual event and runs at the same time as the Edinburgh International Festival.

While artists in the Edinburgh International Festival are invited by the event’s director and tend to be top performers from classical music, theatre, opera and dance, the Festival Fringe is open to both amateur and professional artists and is held across more unconventional venues.

From Scotland to Adelaide, Australia.

In 1960, Adelaide played host to Australia’s first Fringe Festival, which is now officially known as Adelaide Fringe.

It is now the second-largest annual Fringe Festival in the world and runs for four weeks over February and March.

Combining performance and visual arts, the event typically draws over 7,000 artists, across 1,300 events and hundreds of venues including three key temporary venues; The Garden of Unearthly Delights, Gluttony and the Royal Croquet Club. Fringe Girls School WPG_Low Res_Miles Noel Photography Photography (108 of 135)_Fringe World Festival Perth

Adelaide Fringe runs either side of and concurrently with the Adelaide Festival of Arts, creating an exciting buzz around Adelaide to round out the summer with.

The Fringe Festival comes to Perth and becomes FRINGE WORLD.

Perth’s FRINGE WORLD Festival is the third largest fringe festival, after the Adelaide and Edinburgh festivals.

FRINGE WORLD had its beginnings in 1983 when the Festival Fringe Society of Perth (now Artrage) was established. The organisation held fringe festivals throughout the 1980s and then Artrage festivals before launching the FRINGE WORLD Festival in February 2011.  The 2011 pilot festival featured 23 events across six venues and sold 12,000 tickets.

Artrage has developed FRINGE WORLD every year since then and has invested in a series of unique venues like the De Parel and Edith Spiegeltents.  In 2023, the FRINGE WORLD festival hosted more than 500 events, had a ticketed attendance of almost 300,000, and generated more than $8.7 million in ticket sales.

The 2024 FRINGE WORLD Festival will run from 19 January to 18 February. It will overlap with, and be followed by, the Perth Festival which will run from 9 February to 3 March.

Fringe Girls School WPG_Low Res_Miles Noel Photography Photography (71 of 135)_low_res_Fringe World Festival Perth

*All images courtesy of Miles Noel Photography Photography and FRINGE WORLD.