Direct Debit Terms & Conditions

The customer and Kleenheat Gas agree that the following terms and conditions shall govern the use of the direct debit request:

  • Kleenheat Gas will only debit the customer’s account or card as authorised by the customer in accordance with this agreement.
  • If any payment falls due on a non-business day it will be debited to the customer’s account or card on the next business day following the due date.
  • The customer will not cancel, suspend, alter or defer the direct debit arrangement without informing Kleenheat Gas. Customers wishing to alter the direct debit account or card details, or cancel the direct debit request, must contact Kleenheat Gas by updating these details online in their My Account a minimum of 5 days before their next payment is due to be debited.
  • The customer will ensure that:
    • The nominated account or card can accept direct debits,
    • It has sufficient cleared funds in the account or available balance on the card to meet any Kleenheat Gas obligation, and
    • It advises Kleenheat Gas if the nominated account or card is to be closed or cancelled.
  • If the customer believes that they will be unable to meet any direct debit payments they must contact Kleenheat Gas immediately to make alternative arrangements.
  • Kleenheat Gas will keep all information relating to the direct debit arrangement confidential and will not disclose the information to any person except as required to be transmitted to its financial institution for the purpose of performing the agreement.
  • Any additional fees or charges incurred by Kleenheat Gas as a result of the customer breaching these conditions will be added to the account.
  • Kleenheat Gas will provide at least five days notice of any proposed variation to the arrangements.