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How do I connect my Kwik-Gas cylinder to an appliance?

Kleenheat Kwik-Gas cylinders are the convenient, safe and reliable option for your barbecue, outdoor heating and camping gas appliances.

To connect your gas bottle, just follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn all appliance controls to off.
  2. Make sure your gas bottle is upright and the valve is turned off before you remove the valve’s blue safety plug.
  3. Remove both tags marked ‘Pull’ on the valve’s blue safety plug and unscrew the safety plug in a clockwise direction using a flat head screwdriver or coin. (Keep the plug for storing or transporting the cylinder.)
  4. Check the appliance connector’s soft rubber seal is in place and undamaged. Never use an appliance connector that is cracked or weathered.
  5. Insert the appliance connector into the cylinder valve and screw in an anti-clockwise direction. This should be firmly tightened by hand.
  6. Turn the cylinder valve on.
  7. Test for gas leaks by applying a soapy water solution all over cylinder valve and appliance connector.
  8. If a leak is present, bubbles will appear. Re-tighten the appliance connector and test with soapy water again until there are no gas leaks present before using the appliance. If leaks persist, do not use the appliance.
  9. Turn cylinder valve off when appliance is not in use.

Please remember Kwik-Gas cylinders should always be transported or carried in the upright position, even when empty.

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