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How do I sign up with Kleenheat for my natural gas energy needs?

  • Residential natural gas

    Can Kleenheat supply natural gas to my home?

    You can sign up with Kleenheat on our natural gas sign up page. 

    Kleenheat can supply natural gas in any home connected to the WA’s natural gas distribution network from Geraldton through to Perth and south to Busselton. If you live within this area and use natural gas in your home, we’re ready to deliver better value gas through your property’s existing pipes and gas meter.

    Our Kleenheat homepage has an easy postcode search tool highlighting the energy options available for your home.

    Alternatively, call us on 13 21 80, and we’ll guide you through your options.

    Contact us

    The sign-up process is quick and easy. Sign up online in minutes or call 13 21 80.

    Simply tell us the home address you’d like us to supply, choose a plan, and tell us how to contact you. You may also need to set up direct debit, so you’ll need your bank account or credit card details.

    View plans and pricing or sign up now.

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