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New LCC27 Kwik-Gas cylinder connection valve for 3.7kg and 8.5kg gas bottles.

Kleenheat Kwik-Gas cylinders are the convenient, safe, and reliable option for your barbecue, outdoor heating, and camping gas appliances.

In 2021, a new gas cylinder valve connection was introduced across Australia for all gas cylinders raging from 3.7kg and 8.5kg including Kwik-Gas cylinders.

To maintain updated Australian safety standards, this new valve design will further improve gas appliance safety and make it easier to use and connect gas cylinders to your outdoor appliances, including barbecues and outdoor heaters.

Why are the cylinder valves changing?

When using gas appliances, your safety is priority. The main new feature of the new valve, referred to as LCC27, is that the valve restricts gas flow until it is connected correctly to a gas appliance. The new connection also stops the flow of gas in the unlikely event of a fire.

The new design features a back-check valve to prevent gas release from the cylinder if the valve is accidentally opened without being connected to an appliance or the appliance has not been connected correctly.

What’s changing?

The new valve connection (LCC27), will replace the existing POL valve connection.

This valve change will affect 3.7kg and 8.5kg gas cylinders, such as Kwik-Gas and new gas appliances, which will be designed with the new gas valve connection.

  • Gas cylinders with the new valve (LCC27) will be distributed from April 2021.
  • Gas appliances with the new connection will be in distribution from October 2021. In the future, be aware a gas bottle with the existing valve (POL) will not connect to an outdoor gas appliance with the new connection (LCC27).

How do I tell the difference between the existing and new gas cylinder valve connections?

To avoid any issues connecting your gas cylinder to your appliance, ensure that when you are swapping your empty gas cylinder over for a full cylinder, that you simply match the cylinder with your appliance connection.

New appliances, that connect to the LCC27 valve, will be fitted with a right-hand external thread connection.

kwik-gas valve change

New cylinder valve connection – the new LCC27 valve versus the POL valve connection.

Do I need to buy new appliances to suit the new valve?

No, you don’t need to go out and buy any new appliances. All existing gas cylinder appliances with left-hand thread (POL) connections can still be used.

It’s important to note that the existing valve and existing appliance connection remain a safe and reliable combination.

How does the new valve affect connecting appliances to a gas cylinder?

The new valve design allows you to connect your appliance by turning the appliance hose connector in a clockwise direction. This will allow you to connect your existing appliance as well as new appliances to the new gas cylinder valve.

If you are purchasing a Kwik-Gas cylinder, the cylinders with the older POL valve will have a blue valve plug and a blue Kleenheat valve protector sticker, while cylinders with the new LCC27 valve will have a white valve plug, with a white Kleenheat valve protector sticker.

if you are purchasing a gas cylinder that is not Kwik-Gas, observe the valve type. Existing cylinders will have a gas valve plug, while cylinders with the new valve may or may not include a gas valve plug given the new design of the valve.

The main difference is that a new gas appliance (purchased from October 2021), may not fit the existing gas cylinder with the POL valve.

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