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Get the scoop on tasty Perth-based ice-cream and gelato scoops

You might be surprised to know we’re not just experts in keeping Western Australians warm: we know a thing or two about keeping you cool too.

And our number one tip for when the weather calls for generous serves of sun cream, it’s time for generous serves of ice-cream.

So to saving having to scour the city for a top-notch gelato fix, here’s our red-hot-scoop on icy-cold-scoop spots around WA.

Stampede Gelato – Fremantle

If this ice-cream destination was a TV chef, it would be Heston Blumenthal. Listen to these flavours: Lemon Butter with Polenta, Vegemite White Chocolate, Burnt Toast.

This Fremantle-based craft gelateria creates premium handmade, small batch gelato with ingredients sourced across Perth and WA’s South West – and has built the largest gelato flavour archive in Australia.

Serving suggestion: Pairs beautifully with an afternoon at Leighton Beach.
Get there: The Mantle, 1/1 James Street, Fremantle

Gusto Gelato – East Victoria Park, Elizabeth Quay and Leederville

When gelatiere Sean Lee decided there wasn’t nearly enough quality iced creamery locally, he packed off to gelato university (yes, it’ a thing) in Italy to learn from the masters. And so Gusto was born.

Today, they have a cheesecake ice-cream that will make you ask yourself why people ever bothered eating cheesecake in cake form when it’s a million times better as an ice-cream.

Serving suggestion: Best enjoyed with a view of the Swan River at Elizabeth Quay.
Get there: 45 Albany Hwy, East Victoria Park | Elizabeth Quay, Perth | 741 Newcastle Street, Leederville

Kuld Creamery – Fremantle and Highgate

London Fog. Lamingtam. The Satchmo Babka.

No, this isn’t the track list from a new Radiohead album; these are some of the limited-batch artisan ice-creams served up by Kuld Creamery.

And if you think the names are a little different, just wait until you taste them!

Serving suggestion: Goes perfectly with a dip at Bather’s Beach, or when strolling down Beaufort Street.
Get there: 11 Essex Street, Fremantle | 460 Beaufort Street, Highgate

Roho Bure – Leederville and South Fremantle

Feeling a little stressed? One glimpse of Roho Bure’s ice-cream menu will soothe your soul and whisp you away to your happy place.

Strawberry, Rose and Hibiscus… Lavendar Caramelised Pear and Pecan Brittle… Cardamom, Berry Jam and Crumble.

See, just reading them feels like a lovely evening breeze. Plus, their ice-creams are completely vegan, organic and made from natural ingredients.

Serving suggestion: This vegan treat is a delightful accompaniment to enjoying some bird watching at Lake Monger.
Get there: 226 Carr Place, Leederville | 322A South Terrace, South Fremantle

Chicho Gelato – Northbridge

Started by graduates from the prestigious Gelato University near Bologna, Italy Chicho Gelato has become one of Northbridge’s most popular dessert destinations.

They offer innovative flavours – some of which are inspired by old Aussie favourites like the Twin Pole – and have a hypnotically enticing chocolate fountain for that extra splash of flavour.

Serving suggestion: There’s always something happening at Northbridge Piazza, so it’s the perfect place to enjoy a scoop..
Get there: 180 William Street, Northbridge

Simmo’s Ice Creamery – Dunsborough and Rottnest Island

No holiday down south is complete without a visit to Simmo’s for a couple of scoops of their handcrafted ice-creams.

And now that they’ve set up shop on Rottnest, eating a Simmo’s ice-cream has made its way up the “Things to do on the island” list alongside “taking a Quokka selfie” and “complaining about how expensive everything is”.

Serving suggestion: Achieve peak-Rottnest by bringing that ice-cream to Pinky Beach and eating it while taking a quokka selfie.
Get there: 161 Commonage Road, Dunsborough | Central Mall, Thompson Road, Rottnest

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