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Meet the people behind the popcorn: Telethon Community Cinemas

Kleenheat first threw its support behind Telethon Community Cinemas all the way back in 2010.

At the time, minds were blown by Leonardo DiCaprio in Inception, Pottermania continued with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1, and the young (or young at heart) lapped up Woody and Buzz Lightyear’s antics in Toy Story 3.

Today blockbuster movies and all-time classics are still being enjoyed at WA’s family-friendly and affordable open-air cinema experience.

The best bit? Each season of drama, action, and comedy supports local children’s charities – with the WA community so far raising almost $12 million for kids in need.

It wouldn’t be possible without volunteers giving their time to keep Telethon Community Cinemas humming.

Outstanding performances in a supporting role

Each time a movie lover strolls into a Telethon Community Cinemas screening there’s a group of volunteers waiting to provide them with a positive and enjoyable experience.

Together, they form a 700-strong army of generous souls who donate their time to set-up beanbags, fill popcorn boxes, and more.

Telethon Community Cinemas Friday Night Manager, Belinda oversees up to 30 volunteers at the Burswood location. She says her role is all about keeping her team’s energy levels up and encouraging them to enjoy themselves as much as their guests.

“I think what keeps me going is the number of patrons we see coming back week after week and year after year – and knowing they’re contributing towards the health and happiness of children in need,” Belinda said.

“I keep coming back every single season because I make a difference, and the staff who volunteer here make a difference.”

If you’re over 18 with a kind heart and sense of humour – why not join the Telethon Community Cinemas volunteer team and enjoy the sense of pride that comes with raising funds for WA children’s charities.

Lights, cameras, positive action

Away from the starry nights and the silver screen, profits from Telethon Community Cinemas continue to make a tangible impact on the lives of young people across WA.

In 2019, Perth-based charity 12 Buckets became one of Telethon Community Cinemas’ newest beneficiaries and welcomed funding to help it equip primary school students with the skills, support, and connections to build a strong future. Its programs use themes of responsibility, community, mastery, and generosity to promote general wellbeing to students.


12 Buckets founder and board member, Travis Fitch, said the programs benefit the children and those who volunteer as mentors.

“Someone who takes responsibility, who engages well in community, who is generous, and who has the opportunity to grow in practical ability – we see that as a whole person. It’s a unique focus we’re able to provide to schools”, Travis said.

“But it’s not just the kids who are receiving. When you’re contributing to someone’s life in such a fun and beautiful way and you’re seeing the impact – why wouldn’t you want to be involved in that? It’s good for us.”

As a self-funded charity without government support, 12 Buckets is always looking for volunteer mentors to support its school programs. If you’re interested in volunteering for 12 Buckets, head to

Supporting the communities that support us

Over the years, thousands of our customers have also won their way to Telethon Community Cinemas as special thanks for choosing Kleenheat

As WA’s local energy provider, we’re committed to supporting the communities where we operate and helping local organisations and charities do great things across Western Australia and Northern Territory.

Our partnerships span grassroots initiatives through to state-wide programs, each focusing on making a difference in the community.

So as proud partners of Telethon Community Cinemas, we hope you enjoy your next open air movie experience in the knowledge you’re making a positive impact on the lives of young people in WA.