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Kleenheat’s ultimate backyard cricket rules

We’ve pulled together Kleenheat’s ultimate backyard cricket rules: our definitive guide to the dos and don’ts of your backyard battles.

We’ve even packaged it up as a spiffy poster to print at home – so shake hands, flip the bat and play nice.

Kleenheat’s ultimate backyard cricket rules

One hand, one bounce

What better place to start than with the golden rule of backyard cricket: a single rebound met with a one-handed catch and the batter’s out.  It’s a basic rule to help keep the game flowing – plus it offers plenty of “classic catch” opportunities.

Wheelie bin wickets

It’s the easy substitute for cricket wickets, on hand at households and local parks, saving the need to always set and reset. But remember, if the bowler hits anywhere on that green wheelie bin – you’re gone.

Not out first ball

Backyard cricket’s a game for all ages and skills, so cool your competitive juices for one ball and give the batter a second chance. The first ball’s always a freebie, which will keep Nanna happy.


There’s rarely an umpire keeping a close eye on backyard cricket matches, so keeping a rock-solid ‘no LBW’ policy saves long delays while both sides argue their case. Note: loud and enthusiastic LBW appeals are always encouraged.

Tip and run

Another oldie but a goodie, this rule keeps the batter (and the fielders) on their toes knowing the cleanest drive or faintest edge means they’ve got to run.

Auto wickie

The go-to rule when you’re short on players, with a fence or garage door behind the batter acting as a ‘virtual fielder’. Ball goes from bat to auto wickie on the full? Start walking.

Six and out

While local backyards have delivered many cricket legends, it’s no place for heroes. Nobody likes a slogger, so hit the ball over a fence on the full and you’re out. You get the ball back, too.

Retire at 50

During hot WA summers, a quick game’s a good game. Backyard cricket is more 20/20 than Test match – so make your runs, raise the bat, bask in the glory, then give someone else a go.

Ball tampering is OK

It might be a touchy subject these days, but in the backyard tampering with the ball is A-OK . Fuzz-up the tennis ball? Sure. Cover half with tape? You bet. Dip it in the pool for extra skid? Go for it.

End of play

In cricket season, calling ‘game over’ early is generally frowned upon and considered a sign of weakness. Pull up stumps only when the sausages are ready, all balls are lost or it’s too dark to see the pitch.

Download Kleenheat’s ultimate backyard cricket rules poster and enjoy a season of argument-free backyard cricket at your place.

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