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Website Terms of Use

1. The information provided on this Wesfarmers Kleenheat Gas Pty Ltd (“Kleenheat Gas”) website has been compiled for your convenience. Kleenheat Gas makes no warranties as to the accuracy or completeness of any information contained in this website.

2. Kleenheat Gas, including its directors, affiliates, officers, employees, agents, contractors, successors and assigns, will not accept any liability for any loss, damage or other injury resulting from its use.

3. Links to other websites are provided for your convenience and Kleenheat Gas is not responsible for the information contained on those websites. The provision of a link to another website does not constitute an endorsement or approval of that website, or any products or services offered on that website, by Kleenheat Gas. Kleenheat Gas will not accept any liability for the use of those links to connect to websites that are not under its control.

4. Kleenheat Gas, its directors, affiliates, officers, employees, agents, contractors, successors and assigns do not accept any liability:

  • for any investment decisions made on the basis of this information. This website does not constitute financial advice and should not be taken as such. Kleenheat Gas urges you to obtain professional advice before proceeding with any investment or expenditure.
  • for any damages or losses whatsoever, arising out of, or in any way related to, the use of this site and any other site linked to this site.

The limitation on liability contained in paragraph 4 applies to direct, indirect, consequential, special, punitive or other damages that you or others may suffer, as well as damages for loss of profit, business interruption or the loss of data or information.

5. Some of the software that may be downloaded or accessed from this site (or from links on this site) belongs to third parties and your use of such software is at your risk. Third party software is subject to the licence terms issued or declared by the software owner. Kleenheat Gas makes no representation or warranty in relation to third party software.

6. To the extent permitted by law, Kleenheat Gas excludes all liability:

  • regarding the use or downloading;
  • for any damage whatsoever resulting from the use or the downloading,

of any software (whether such software is owned by Kleenheat Gas or any third party) accessible from this website.

7. Nothing in this website constitutes or is intended to constitute an offer of, or an invitation to purchase or subscribe for, securities.

8. Kleenheat Gas holds the copyright to this website. Kleenheat Gas grants you a limited licence to download this website for personal use only. You are not permitted to reproduce or alter this website, or any copy of it, for any other purpose without the prior express written consent of Kleenheat Gas.

9. Kleenheat Gas regards your privacy as important and will take all reasonable steps to ensure that if you have subscribed to receive notification of website updates, your e-mail address will remain confidential. For further information on Kleenheat Gas’s Privacy Policy please see further information on this website.

10. Kleenheat Gas reserves the right to make changes, modifications, additions, deletions and corrections to the website, at any time and without notice.

11. To the extent permitted by law, Kleenheat Gas does not make any representations or warranties:

  • to the effect that this website is fault free;
  • regarding the continual accessibility or reliability of this website at any time;
  • as to the appropriateness of the website for your needs.

To the extent permitted by law Kleenheat Gas does not accept liability or responsibility arising in any way (including from Kleenheat Gas’s negligence) for any loss, costs, expenses or damage of any kind (including indirect or consequential losses) arising out of the provision of, use or inability to use this website.

12. Kleenheat Gas uses reasonable efforts to maintain this website and related data with safeguards to protect against loss and unauthorised access, misuse, and unlawful or improper disclosure. Kleenheat Gas will store information entered by you in or through this website or accessed by you through this website; however, you accept and acknowledge no system or data can be completely protected against all hazards or unauthorised access, and to the extent permitted by law Kleenheat Gas is not liable for any loss occasioned by unauthorised access, misuse or unlawful or improper disclosure of your data.

13. Kleenheat Gas does not guarantee the security of transmissions over the internet. Kleenheat Gas shall not be responsible for your access to the internet, for any interception or interruption of any communications through the internet, or for changes to or losses of data.

14. You must take all necessary measures to stop the introduction or spread of any viruses or any other form of software contamination, into this website when accessing information through this website.

15. If the whole or any part of a provision of this Disclaimer or these Terms of Use is invalid, illegal, void or unenforceable, then such provision (or such part) will be severed from this Disclaimer/Terms of Use and neither that part or provision or its severance will affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining parts or provisions of this Disclaimer/Terms of Use.

16. Kleenheat Gas may, at any time and without notification:

  • alter the content or functionality of this website; or
  • remove or halt access to this website or any component or function on this website (including protected content).

17. Kleenheat Gas (or third parties) may provide you with access to protected or secure functions on this website upon valid user names and passwords being entered by you. You agree that Kleenheat Gas will give access to such functions to any user who enters a valid user identification and password. You acknowledge that Kleenheat Gas is entitled to assume that any information submitted in conjunction with a valid user name and password originates from a properly authorised person, whether or not that is the case and Kleenheat Gas shall not be liable for relying upon such information.

18. You must not reveal your user name or password to anyone or let anyone access this website using your user name or password.

19. You must keep user names and passwords secure and not share your user account. You are responsible for the security of your passwords and user names. You acknowledge that your failure to keep user names and passwords secure and confidential may result in unauthorised use of the website and unauthorised access to information and other unauthorised transactions. Kleenheat Gas accepts no liability for any failure to keep the user names and passwords secure and confidential.

20. The information about your account will only replicate the present state of the account on Kleenheat Gas’s system at the time of access. This information may not necessarily include transactions still being processed.

Security on our website

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificate:
The padlock icon at the bottom of your screen/page indicates when you are in a secure section of the Kleenheat Gas website. This application enables information to be transmitted back and forth securely, from your web browser to the server that the Kleenheat Gas website is hosted on. Any information that travels between these two points is encrypted, which subsequently blocks third parties from being able to read the contents of the transmission.

VPN (Virtual Private Network):
The VPN encrypts the contained data that travels between the Kleenheat Gas web server and Kleenheat Gas. This encryption ensures that the confidential information you send or submit from the Kleenheat Gas website will be encrypted and subsequently blocks third parties from being able to read the contents of the transmission.

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