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How do I turn my gas on or off at the meter?

You should be able to find your natural gas meter in a metal box at the front or side of your house. You may have a gas-only meter, or a combination gas and electric meter box.

If you’ve recently moved house, you may need to turn your gas back on at the meter.

How do I turn my gas on?

Your gas meter contains a valve that controls the flow of gas to your house from the gas network.

When the gas meter is off, this valve handle will be in a horizontal position.

To turn your gas on:The basics_ your natural gas meter 0-24 screenshot (3)

  1. Make sure all your gas appliances and pilot lights are off.
  2. Rotate the valve handle into the vertical ‘on’ position.
  3. The gas meter dial should move and then stop within 15 seconds. This shows gas is flowing from the network to your home’s connection.
  4. If the gas meter dial continues to move after that time, it could mean one of your gas appliances is still on, or that you may have a gas leak.
  5. If all your gas appliances are off and the dial is still moving, rotate the meter valve handle back into the horizontal ‘off’ position, then contact a licensed gas fitter to check for leaks in your gas pipes and appliances.
  6. If the dial isn’t moving, you can turn your gas appliances on. You may also need to restart pilot lights for your gas appliances to work. Check the manufacturers’ instructions before turning your gas appliances on.

How do I turn my gas off?

To turn your gas off:

  1. Turn off all your gas appliances and pilot lights.
  2. Find the valve in your gas meter and move it from the vertical ‘on’ to the horizontal ‘off’ position.

Moving into a new home?

If you move house and find your gas is not working, your gas may be turned off at the meter. You can follow the steps above to turn your gas on or call our Customer Service Team on 13 21 80 for further assistance.

You can find more information about how to turn your natural gas meter on and off on the ATCO website.

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