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How is my natural gas meter read?

How often will my natural gas meter be read?

Your natural gas meter will be read approximately once every three (3) months by ATCO Australia, which maintains WA’s natural gas network.

These meter readings will be reflected on your quarterly invoices. You can also track your gas usage history by logging into My Account.

Can I find out exactly when my gas meter will be read?

While we can’t provide a specific date for when your scheduled meter read will occur, you can get an approximate idea of this date by calculating three months from your last meter read. You can see the date of your last read on your Kleenheat bill or in the ‘My Usage’ section on My Account.

What if ATCO can’t access my gas meter?

There are some circumstances where ATCO’s meter readers will not be able to access your gas meter. The meter reader may be physically prevented from reaching your meter (e.g. because of a locked gate or an obstruction in front of the meter) or may not feel safe or comfortable entering your property (e.g. because of a dog).

In these circumstances, the meter reader will record that they could not take a meter reading or ‘actual read’, and an ‘estimated read’ will be generated for your property. Kleenheat will issue your invoice for the period based on this estimated read. This estimated read is based on your previous gas usage for the same time the previous year. When an actual meter read is next taken, Kleenheat will make any required adjustments to your bill.

Estimated reads are typically very accurate. You can check the accuracy of your estimated read by referencing the meter read provided on the second page of your bill against your physical gas meter. If there is a significant difference, you can give Kleenheat a self-read by phoning us on 13 21 80.

An actual meter read is required once a year, and you will be contacted to provide access to your meter for this read. Fees apply if you need to book in a particular date and time window for this read.

Can I provide instructions about how to access my meter?

While we can’t provide ATCO with detailed instructions on how to access your meter for a scheduled read, we can provide ATCO with some details, such as the code to get through a locked gate.

Can I request a special meter reading?

Yes, you’re welcome to request a special meter reading. This involves your natural gas meter being read outside the regular meter read schedule for your household.

Please keep in mind that this service comes with an additional fee.

For more information or to arrange a special meter read at your home, call us on 13 21 80 during regular business hours.

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