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Gas cylinder safety advice following an emergency

The safety of your family and property is top priority following an emergency situation.

Contact Kleenheat on 13 21 80 for advice and assistance with gas cylinders on your property following an emergency.

In order to keep the safety of yourself and others a priority it’s important to be aware of how Kleenheat will manage a recovery of gas cylinders following an emergency situation.

Our main goals are to:

  • protect the safety of our staff and customers
  • protect the safety of emergency personnel and general public,
  • minimise environmental impact and avoid further damage or incident escalation, and
  • minimise the impact of the incident in a timely and appropriate manner.

When the post-emergency clean up commences, refer to safety advice, guidelines and instructions from the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES).

Gas cylinder recovery

Following an emergency situation, Kleenheat will work with Emergency Services to manage the assessment and recovery of cylinders that have been exposed to events where the structural integrity of the cylinder(s) may be compromised.

This applies to 45kg gas cylinders, as well as Kwik-Gas leisure cylinders and bulk gas tanks.

The removal or movement of gas cylinders will only be performed under safe and controlled conditions.

Our trained recovery team will visually assess the structural integrity of the cylinder(s) before deciding on if they require cleaning or removing and replacing.

Watch our gas cylinder safety in emergencies video, which demonstrates how to prepare for an emergency and how 45kg gas cylinders respond to increased temperatures, such as those experienced in bushfires.

Safety advice, alerts, updates and contacts

Here are key contact details to have on hand so you know how to approach or avoid potentially dangerous situations.

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