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Six spring energy saving tips to reduce your bills

Spring isn’t typically considered a high energy consumption season, requiring less heating and cooling than in winter or summer. But it’s the perfect opportunity to take stock of how you’re consuming energy in your home and make changes that will see big energy savings in months to come.

So, while there’s plenty to enjoy about spring, enjoy a little extra savings in your pocket as well with these six spring energy-saving tips.

Give your air conditioner a clean

As the weather starts to heat up, it’s tempting to reach for the air conditioner remote right away. Before you power up, make sure to clean all the filters so your air conditioner doesn’t have to work extra hard to blow cold air through any blockages or debris. If you haven’t serviced your air conditioner in a while, now might also be a good time to book one in before the summer months to come.

Bonus tip: Set a timer for your air conditioner, especially overnight so you’re not using more energy than you need to.

Cross ventilate and use a fan

Time to let the fresh air and cool spring breeze in by opening the doors and windows in your home to allow for some cross ventilation. If you need more air circulation, skip the air conditioner from time to time and use a fan instead. It’s fantastic for blowing a little extra breeze and energy savings your way.

Reduce hot water use

Now that we’ve said goodbye to crisp winter days and nights, consider reducing the heat when taking hot showers. Turn down the heat by just a notch or two and reduce the length of your showers. If possible, use cold water when doing your laundry as well. Your clothes will be just as clean and it’s one extra thing you can do to reduce your carbon impact.

Hot water is responsible for around a quarter of the average household energy bill so being mindful of this one thing will see a big impact.

Use the sun to dry laundry

Give your dryer a break and take advantage of the Australian sun. If you don’t already have a line to hang your clothes on outside, invest in a handy portable drying rack and let the sun do its thing. Direct sunlight can affect the colour of your clothes, so find a shaded spot where the heat from the sun and the spring breeze will dry your clothes in no time.

Choose the right recipe

Winter may have been all about roast dinners, but spring is all about fresh veggies and light meals. On especially hot days, try to stay away from the oven. While the oven may be convenient, it’s a heating appliance that can heat up your home as well. Instead, stick to your gas stove or barbecue to whip some fresh and vibrant spring meals.

Need some help with recipe ideas? We’ve got you covered with a ton of spring recipes over at the Kleenheat Kitchen.

Change out your bulbs

With the sun sticking around for longer during spring days, it’ll mean reaching for the light switch later in the day. While that’s already a natural energy saver, you can be even more efficient by ensuring you only use LED bulbs in your home. LED bulbs use between 7-20 watts per hour, compared to halogen bulbs which use between 35 to 500 watts per hour to emit the same amount of light! That’s a big difference that’ll bring some handy energy savings.

Bonus tip: Switch to sensor lights, especially in thoroughfares in your home, so you don’t leave lights in the hallway switched on for longer than you need to.

Simple as these tips may be, implement them consistently and you’ll see that the little things add up when it comes to energy savings.

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